Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its news to me (Wed June 1st)

I figure June 1st is as good of time as any to dust this bad boy off, so I will be seeing if I can squeeze in time to do one daily post that hopes to hit all of the stuff that I would want to talk about. It will feature blurbs and links, mostly, but hopefully it will be informative and entertaining. Any comments or suggestions are definitely welcomed.

  • Music
    Listen to the new Poison Control Center song “Dracula’s Casket”
    Read reviews of the two new tapes from Minneapolis space synth trio Lighted
    Read a review of the great new tape III from local group Food Pyramid

  • Sports
    Twins lose, again.
    Things might be rough again next year.

  • Other
    Today is National Punch a Hipster Day.
    Literally Unbelievable, which goes to show that not only is the Onion geared towards those who are a little more, how do we say it nicely….connected to the happenings in the world and therefore able to comprehend Satire, but I didn’t realize how it could be mishandled in the wrongs hands. Funny/scary.