Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Check out the new song "Bloodloss" from Daughters of the Sun side project Camden over at Reviler. The whole tape is good and available at Moon Glyph.

Big Troubles

Read my review of the excellent new album Worry by Big Troubles over at Reviler. A late addition, but still probably will be on my 2010 best of list.

seems fair, right?

Monday, November 29, 2010


If you like the above video for "All Day" from the Concretes, grab the MP3 and some info about their upcoming Minneapolis tour date over at Reviler.

Kurt Vile

Listen to the great new pysch-folk jam "In My Time" from Kurt Vile over at Reviler.


Great new video for "Blank Czech" from local band Whitesand/Badland from their latest 7" of the same name.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


City of Music: Is/Is from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

If you enjoy the video above from local trio Is/Is, head over to Reviler to grab a mp3 and read a little more about the group.


Well, Pitchfork gave the new Kanye West album a 10.0, which is pretty nutty. I personally don't think it is either a) the best hip hop album of the year or b)the best album in Kanye West's catalog. Either way, it is still pretty great, as is expected from Mr. West. Read the Reviler Four Takes HERE.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Awesome Mix

Head over to Reviler to check out a really, really great mix from the True Panther Record Label that celebrates their hometown San Francisco Giants recent World Series win. It is free to stream and costs $1 to download, with the money going towards a group advocating for homeless causes (more info in the post).

Bodies of Water cover Magnetic Fields

Check out the sunny pop group Bodies of Water covering the classic Magnetic Fields song "I Don't Believe in the Sun" over at Reviler.


Remember when Minnesota was known for being a progressive known for producing such great people as Humphrey, Wellstone and McCarthy? Well, now when the New York Times writes a story about MN politics, it is about Michelle Bachmann....



Movember, the annual fundraiser for men's cancer awareness, is hitting full stride. If you haven't found someone to support, may I suggest my friend John, whose child scaring mustache is above? It is for a really great cause, so if you are able to help, head over to John's page and give what you can. And by all means, men and women alike, grow a mustache for Movember!


Friday, November 19, 2010

London Sessions

An argument could be made that LCD Soundsystem are perhaps my favorite band of the last decade. While their albums are amazing, they really bring it live, and now we have proof with their live in-studio sessions album titled London Sessions. Read my review over at Reviler and get the album on Itunes.

Gauntlet Hair

Check out the new song from the buzzing Gauntlet Hair titled "Out, Don't..." over at Reviler. Like their other work, it is really great. Big things from this band in the future I suspect.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Live Review

Read my live review of the solid Fresh and Onlys/Clinic show (and watch some more videos) from the Entry last week over at Reviler.

No Health care!! Wait....no health care?

You know those Republicans who are fighting tooth and nail to overturn the health care law that helps to make more Americans insured because it is "socialist" and not needed because of the magical "invisible hand" of the free market? Funny thing is, they apparently like having health insurance. When incoming GOP Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland (who, you guess it, is against "Obamacare"), found out there would be a month where he didn't have health insurance before he got his gold plated government health insurance, he was none too happy. He asked the speakers at an orientations how he was supposed to live for 28 days without insurance while it was processing, apparently upset at this window without protection, which is rich coming from a guy who wants to deny insurance to people FOREVER. Read the whole stomach turning story HERE.

Congrats Gardy

While there are moments that he frustrated us (*cough* letting Punto play *cough*), I will say that Gardy has been a great manager and deserves his great honor of being named AL Manager of the Year. The caveat is that the award is for managing in the regular season, as Gardy hasn't quite, um, lived up to expectations in the post season, but now isn't the time for that. Congratulations!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can you cut the deficit?

Ezra Klein has links to four different calculators that are out there that allow people to see how they would cut the deficit. While everyone screamed until their faces went blue about how this is so important before the election...SURPRISE!, now the Republicans (and Democrats) are finding it hard to tell us exactly what they would change. The most famous of the four is the New York Times calculator, which was featured in the Sunday paper and I completed the other day. Obviously much easier on the inter webs than in real life, but still a good conversation starter.

Happy Hump Day

Watch a teacher giving lessons on how to sweat in english. Great stuff, but def NSFW.

Happy Third Birthday Switchblade Comb!

Our friends at Switchblade Comb are having a party to celebrate their third birthday this Saturday...you should go!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ariel Pink Ticket Giveaway

Head over to Reviler to sign up for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Ariel Pink (with Os Mutantes) this Saturday at the Cedar. The contest closes at noon on Thursday, so don't sleep on this!

Give to the Max Day

Today is "Give to the Max" day, so if you have a favorite charity or non-profit, give what you can today to help support them.

Girl Talk

Head over to Reviler to grab the link to get the new Girl Talk album, All Day, for the suburb price of free. Awesome.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Warmy Girls

Warmy Girls, the first LP from local pysch-pop explorers Velvet Davenport after multiple shorter tape releases, is finally out tomorrow (Nov. 16th). It is really good. Check out the Reviler review HERE. Big things are coming for these guys, as all the right people in all the right places are falling in line behind them, so expect to be hearing more from them in the near future.


From their EP That We Can Play, which I reviewed HERE and is one of my favorite records of the year.


Hope your Monday isn't like this...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I wouldn't do....



The Report Vol. II

Check out two songs from MPLS bands (Velvet Davenport and Buffalo Moon) from the upcoming Report Vol. II over at Reviler. If you ordered one, they will be in the mail soon, which is exciting.

Live Review

Check out my review of the Marnie Stern, Food Pyramid and Gay Beast show from earlier this week, including videos like above, over at Reviler.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cal Clutterbuck

The goal above is why I a)like hockey and b)really like Cal Clutterbuck. After a few day layoff, the team is back tonight versus Atlanta at 6pm.

Dent (May) Sweat "I Don't Mind"

Dent May is back with his alter ego Dent Sweat and a great song "I Don't Mind," which you can check out over at Reviler.

Girls- Heartbreaker

Check out my write up about the further disappointment that SF band Girls are causing me with their latest mope-fest titled "Heartbreaker" off of their Broken Dreams Club EP.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shahs at Yeti Records

Above is a video of (formerly) local band Shahs performing the first ever In store performance at the new Yeti Records. Find others HERE. Looking forward to even more In stores and if you haven't checked out the new record store, on 35th and Nicollet and run by Jake Luck from Leisure Birds/Gayngs and his wife, head over and support local, independent music!

Defending Big Government

Interesting article from The New Republic's Jonathan Cohn on why Obama shouldn't be afraid to argue that big government is a good thing. Read it HERE and see if he convinces you.

Red Pens Limitations Review

Read my review of the new Red Pens EP Limitations over at Reviler. Another big win for the local duo, who continue to be one of my favorite bands in the local scene right now.

Boogeyman Scores!

Yeah! Can't wait to see him next Saturday when the NY Rangers come to town!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Soft Pack + Kurt Vile Live

Read my review of the Soft Pack, Kurt Vile and Purling Hiss show from last week at the Triple Rock Social Club over at Reviler.

President Ventura?

The New Yorker recently did (another) story about Mike Bloomberg running for President. The story featured the usual staggering number that he would spend to win (1-3 billion!!), but also featured the nugget that Jesse Venture supports him. Ventura also stated that if Bloomberg doesn't run, he would run if throw his hat in and “If Bloomberg could finance me for the Presidency, I would win it." Imagine a Obama/Palin/Venture race and watch political pundits heads explode.

Hilly Eye

Check out Hilly Eye, the side project for Amy from Titus Andronicus, and their song "Grand Canyon," over at Reviler. If you like it, there is a link to grab her whole EP for free at her Bandcamp page.

Twin Cities Best Venues

Head over to Reviler to check out five different takes on Reviler contributors favorite venues in the Twin Cites and if you disagree add you favorite in the comment section.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Red Pens- Limitations

Above is a video of the Red Pens performing a song from their great new EP Limitations at the Electric Fetus last week. Check out a few more HERE.

Brute Heart

For my money, Brute Heart are one of the best emerging bands in the Twin Cities, and the folks at Daytrotter seemed to agree. Head over to Reviler to check out the groups session with the influential site that they recorded a little while back and check out Brass Beads or their live set if you get a chance, you won't be disappointed.

Guante was right

Before the election, Guante released a video for the song "Your Boyfriend's a Republican." After the bloodbath last Tuesday, the ladies all realized this was probably true. Ugh. Not be be a Donnie Downer on a Monday morning, but it is going to be a ugly two years.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Avey Tare

Head over to Reviler to read four takes on the new album Down There by Animal Collective member Avey Tare.

Velvet Davenport

Velvet Davenport - "Mystery Michael" from moon glyph on Vimeo.

Check out the video for the first single, "Mystery Michael," from Velvet Davenports upcoming Warmy Girls LP. If you haven't heard the local band, there may still be a few days to jump on the bandwagon before Pitchfork gives them a big review.

Purling Hiss

Head over to Reviler to check out a song from noisy pop outfit Purling Hiss called "Don't Even Try." I was excited to see the band earlier this week at the TRSC, but was a little let down that their fractured noise pop sound wasn't indicative of how they sounded live. Either way, their latest album Public Service Announcement is pretty good and well worth checking out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Check out some new projects that Doomtree DJ's Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak are working on over at Reviler.

Syd Ba

As I said in my Reviler review, it is kind of sad that someone as talented as Syd Barrett has to have a greatest hits album titled "An Introduction to....." Barrett was the founder of Pink Floyd and was instrumental in making the lo-fi psychedelic bedroom pop sound that is so popular today. this album comes highly recommended, if nothing else to hear someone doing something that at the time (mid-late 60's) was still actually pushing the envelope and creating something new and exciting.


Head over to Reviler to check out my review (plus a MP3) from the new album A New Monster from Hastings 3000, who is the local one man band featuring a former Fuck Knights member.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scary Songs

In an epic failure to post in relevant time, this post is out of date, but I still think it is interesting. Check out my five favorite spooky songs over at Reviler.

How to Dress Well

How To Dress Well - "Ready for the World" from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

If you like the chilled out dream pop of "Ready for the World" above, head over to Reviler and read more about the band and grab theMP3 of this song.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Red Pens "Good Luck Charm"

Head over to Reviler to hear the the first song, "Good Luck Charm," from the new Red Pens EP Limitations (out today). The duo will be playing tonight a the Electric Fetus in support of the new album, so take a break from watching the poll numbers and head down to check them out.


THE POLLS ARE OPEN! It doesn't matter who you are voting for, I hope you head to the polls today to Vote. While midterms aren't the most exciting time to vote, every election is important and you should never throw away your right to have your voice heard. I always say, if you don't vote, you are not allowed to bitch about anything related to gov't/politics/policy until the next election.


While it is virtually impossible to leave a first midterm election without losses (usually steep loses...although not as bad as the Onion joked when they said the Democrats were set to lose 8,000 seats. Ha!), this year feels a little different. It isn't just that Republicans are going to take back the house and possibly the Senate, it is unsettling how many ignorant/hateful/backwards people they are sending to two of the greatest deliberative bodies in the history of the world. I guess it says something about angry times when people are tyring to one up each other to see who is less qualified or fit for office in a contest to be a MEMBER OF THE FUCKING SENATE! Yikes. Even more frustrating? How dumbfounded some Democrats seem. Again the Onion nailed it with their headline stating the Democrats have said "If we are going to lose, we are going down running away from every legislative accomplishment." Pretty much sums it up. Ugh. Hopefully when things calm down and the economy finally starts moving in the right direction people will see these candidates for what they are, although for the Tea Party Senate candidates, that won't be for another six years, which is kind of scary. Luckily in MN we already have our one crazy, so hopefully people will not elect another, especially in a statewide race (we can't help you 6th District, you have to get yourself out of your mess). When the polls open in a few hours, remember what the Kennedy machine was famous for saying...Vote Early and Vote Often!

Monday, November 1, 2010


As the campaign season winds down (for now), here are a few of my favorite signs I have seen from the Stewart/Colbert rally last Saturday, which from what I gathered was really, really awesome.

Marissa Nadler Kickstarter

Marissa Nadler is one of the most original and talented female folk singers around right now. If you agree with that statement, you can head to Reviler to get information about her Kickstarter page that allows you to throw her a few bucks to help pay for her upcoming album.

Lee Noble

The latest release from bedroom noise pop artist Lee Noble, Our Star, The Sun, got overshadowed locally by the awesome releases from Food Pyramid and Tender Meat, the other two albums released at the same time as the album on the Moon Glyph record label. While I would contend that the Noble album is my least favorite of the three, it still is a pretty solid album. Hear a song over at Reviler.

What have you done lately?

As you shake off your weekend, check out this video of people doing stuff you and I will never be able to do. Carry on.