Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The National

Listen to a new National song ("You Were a Kindness") that didn't make the cut for High Violet. The mopey, piano driven track was debuted on our very own 89.3 the Current when the band was in town for their two night stand at First Ave. Hear it over at Reviler.

Dexter Season 4

Wow, a few shows lately (Weeds in particular) have kind of faded a little bit as they enter later seasons, but I think Season 4 of Dexter might have been the best one yet. I remember when people told me about Dexter (a good guy serial killer) and I thought it sounded OK at best and probably cheeky and sanctimonious at worst. I was wrong. It is a excellent show that I would recommend highly to anyone looking to get into a TV show this fall/winter (Seasons 1-4 are on Netflix and Season 5 is just starting on Showtime). Season 4 ended in pretty dramatic fashion, with some really intense surprises in the last few episodes. I won't spoil it for anyone (I unfortunately saw a spoiler online unintentionally which dampened the blow from the last episode), but needless to say that ending was pretty shocking.

High Five

Check out our new High Five with Reviler featuring local alt country artist Mike Midwestern.

Dent May

Check out the solid new Dent May track "Eastover Wives" up now at Reviler.

Cee Lo Green "Fuck You

This song, which dropped out of nowhere and will be on Cee Lo's upcoming solo LP, might be my favorite song of the year right now.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Come and join Jon and I tonight as we spin local music at Grumpys NE from 7-9. If that doesn't rope you in, there are awesome specials on Surly, Summit and Premium. Hope to see you there!

Real Estate

Real Estate (and their side projects) are one of my favorite new groups from the last year or so. Hear the amazing new song "Out of Tune" up now at Reviler.

New Sufjan

If you haven't heard the new Sufjan EP, All Delighted People, head over to Reviler for the deets and the link to buy it for only $5 bones.

High Five with Reviler

We have a new interview series called High Five with Reviler, which you will be seeing from time to time over at Reviler. Our first participant was S. Carey, who just released his debut solo album and is best known as the drummer of Bon Iver. Check it out HERE.

MN State Fair

I am Minnesotan to the bone, so god knows I love the State Fair. We didn't know today was Senior and Kids day when we planned it, so hopefully not too many septuagenarians and crying babies. Wish us luck. Will be back tomorrow, sunburned and 10 pounds heavier.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Concert Advice

Pay Attention so you don't get cannonballed by the band.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Want a funky, upbeat electro jam to rock out to this weekend? May I suggest the track "fot i hose" by Casiokids? If you are totally blown away by the track, I have the bad news that you missed their live show by 4 days, as they were here Tuesday night at the Entry. I didn't make it either, but I imagine it was a good show.

Mogwai Four Takes

Head over to Reviler for a Four Takes on the new album Special Moves by Scottish post-rock legends Mogwai.

The Wrens

Check out the new track "Crescent" from The Wrens. The group hasn't released an album since 2003, so needless to say big fans of the band are pretty excited.

Brave New Workshop

In addition to being very funny, the people at the Brave New Workshop are also very nice. For their preview shows for their new feature: Spilling Me Softly, or Once the Gulf Goes Black, It Never Goes Back, they let non-profits workers (including myself) in for free. While they did say that things are always changing, we did see the last night of "preview" shows, so the main set starting tonight will probably be pretty similar, and it is hilarious. If you are going to go (and you should!), read up on the latest current events, as it is political/news heavy. Go see it and support our local arts community!

Jake "the Snake" Retires

Finally. When I was younger and still into wrestling (maybe 10-15 years ago), my Dad brought me to an event at a local high school that featured local wrestlers but was headlined by Jake "The Snake" Roberts. He came out for his match and was either drunk or super messed up on drugs, and could barley stand up straight. The match ended with the other guy basically pulling Roberts on top of him and laying there for the three count. It was pathetic/hilarious/awkward all wrapped into one. When I saw The Wrestler I couldn't help but think about him and how far he had fallen by the time he was wrestling, out of his mind, in a suburban high school gym.

(h/t: Switchblade Comb)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Check out a song from Real Estate guitarist Matthew Mondanile with his side project Ducktails. Even more dreamy/spaced out/beach influence than his day job.


Check out the song "So Long" from the newish (at least as far as recorded output) group Is/Is, featuring Sarah from Gospel Gossip and Sarah from First Communion Afterparty, over at Reviler.

Worst Bathrooms in MPLS/ST. PAUL

The AV Club picked the five worst bathrooms in the Twin Cities in their latest issue...see if your favorite dive bar made the cut! A special shout out to the Sunrise Inn, where I have been yelled at for using the bathroom, shortly before answering the pay phone that was ringing. It was one of my finest moments.

Cloud Cult

I have been a longtime fan of Cloud Cult, but even I was a little disappointed with their new album Light Chasers. They had literally been on a 5-6 year winning streak, but this album just doesn't do it for me. Read the whole review, including my mostly irrelevant story about a man crying at the Cloud Cult show, over at Reviler.

Sun Araw

Listen to the drone-y chants of Woodsist band Sun Araw with their new song "Last Chants" over at Reviler.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Corin Tucker Band

Listen to the song "Doubt" from the Corin Tucker Band, which is the new project for the former Sleater-Kinney member striking out on her own.


TRAFFIQUE // NORA from Brandon Tauszik on Vimeo.

Check out the video for the song "Nora" from Traffique, the name of the new group featuring Red Hunter of Peter and the Wolf. It features him being a her and singing slinky electro funk jams, but it doesn't take too much to hear Hunter's voice and style coming through in the songs, even if they are worlds apart from the folksy material of Peter and the Wolf.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo/The Girl Who Played with Fire

Just got done reading book two in the "Millennium" series from Swedish author Stieg Larsson (whom I first heard of extensively in this really interesting NY Times Magazine article, which is also highly recommended). I was slightly apprehensive before I started the books, probably because I am an elitist asshole and thought anything as popular as these books wouldn't be good, but I was very wrong. Both books have been excellent, well written books that have been as exciting and engaging. The second book (The Girl Who Played with Fire) started off slower than the first (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), but ....Played with Fire ended up being mesmerizing throughout the second half and really exploded near the end. Both books are highly recommended. I have book three (The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest) on hold at the library and can't wait to read it.

Interesting Charts

Two charts showing what faith people belonged to as a child compared with what faith (or non faith) they belong to currently. The top one is for the UK and the bottom is for the good ol U S an A.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Loring Park TONIGHT!

Stuck Between Stations: Behind the Scenes from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

I don't think you could ask for better weather than what is outside right now, so if you have no plans you should head to Loring Park for the "4 Nights in Loring" series. Tonight is one of the very best bands in Minneapolis, The Red Pens, along with the local film Nobody. There also will be a screening of the new local film "Stuck Between Stations," which was made by City Pages and MPLS.tv and is premiering tonight. The preview is above. Should be awesome.

It Might Get Loud

I was flipping through my DVDs the other day and realized I had never mentioned that I watch, and enjoyed, the documentary It Might Get Loud from last year. The movie, which follows around and talks to Jimmy Page, Jack White and the Edge (from U2), is definitely cool for music/guitar nerds, but is made in such a way that I think even moderate to non music fans would find it entertaining.

Awkward Family Portraits (with pets!)

Buzz Feed already had a website dedicated to awkward family photos, now they added in a new twist, incorporating man's best friend! Find more HERE.

Chain Gang of Love

Pining for a 8 minute electro pop song? Today is your lucky day. You can head over to Reviler to grab the song "Hold On" by The Chain Gang of Love from their upcoming full length LP.


Listen to a new track called "Arena" from the dream pop band Suuns and grab a link to get their debut EP over at Reviler.

Monday, August 23, 2010


At least two elected officials aren't gutless panders like the rest (many of whom you would expect to be jingoistic and xenophobic/racist, but others who just are cowards, see: Dean, Howard and Reid, Harry). While many of his positions are stone cold crazy, it is moments like this, when Ron Paul tears into opponents of Park51 (the 16 story community center that happens to hold a, *gasp*, Mosque and be within two blocks of Ground Zero). The best part is this is pretty much the exact opposite of where his son, who is running for Senate in Kentucky on the tide of the crazy wing of the Republican Party, stands on the issue. The other sensible person is the Junior Senator from Oregon, Jeff Merkly, who pens an Op-Ed that should be taken by copy and pasted by our two Senators and presented to anyone who will listen. I feel like this is one of those things where people are going to look back in a few years and regret their shortsighted statements meant to conjur up fear amongst people who don't even really understand what is going on.

Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell

For some reason, Mark Lanegan just can't stop making records with Isobell Campbell when he should go back to making kick ass haunted folk/blues solo records like he does best. Real talk. Read my thoughts on the album (which probably won't surprise anyone) along with three other fine folks in the Reviler Four Takes that you can find HERE.

Phoenix at the State

Read my review of the pretty solid Phoenix show and check out the excellent photos (including the one above) from our friend Erik Hess. All the goods can be found over at Reviler.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Have a good weekend!


Ugh. If Tuesday was the best baseball game I've ever seen...last nights might have been the worst. Hopefully it will wake them up that they don't have this thing wrapped up just yet.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Heading out to Target Field tonight for game three of this great White Sox's-Twins series. Hoping to stay dry and see the Twinkies complete the sweep. I know there literally isn't any way tonight could top Tuesday, but hoping to see a really good game and see the Twins go up six on the White Sux. Go Twins!

Getting what you deserve

Bullfighting is a sick and twisted "sport" that revolves around blood lust and torturing an animal. Now a bull got loose in the stands and hurt some of the "fans," whom I think we are supposed to feel sorry for. Unfortunately, I don't. It isn't so much fun when something is trying to kill you, is it? Maybe you should think about that next time you cheer some idiot repeatedly stabbing a bull until it bleeds to death.


Woodsist is one of my very favorite indie record labels, so when they put out a compilation, you know I am going to take notice. Read my review about the record, titled Welcome Home/Diggin the Universe, over at Reviler.

Guards "Sail it Slow"

Check out the track "Sail it Slow" from the new band Guards. The track features current "it" band Cults, so it is bound to get some attention. Catch them before the backlash.


Although I can't grow one (which is deeply troubling to me), I am still a big advocate of beards. So are these guy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marnie Stern

"For Ash" is an amazing new song by Marnie Stern. It might be one of my favorite songs I have heard this year. Really, really great stuff. Listen to it and find out some history about it over at Reviler.

This might ruin your lunch

This disgusting sandwich, which combines Mozzarella sticks with a grilled cheese sandwich, is now available at Dennys. It may top the KFC Double Down as the grossest thing I have ever seen.

Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing are one of my favorite finds from this last year and are highly recommended for fans of dreamy 80's pop. Check out my review of both their excellent debut LP Gemini and their so-so EP follow up Evertide over at Reviler.

Go Twins!!

What a game. In addition to being a nearly perfect night weather-wise, what more could you ask from a game? Twins jump out to an exciting lead with a 4 run first. White Sox come back and make a game of it. Delmon hits a home run (both his and Orlando Hudson's fell within 20 feet of us) and then takes a run at AJ (it will be interesting to see what comes of that). Then our spirits were dashed by Capps in the 9th and again in the 10th, but then we got to see the first ever walk off home run in Target Field history. It was one of those moments that the second the ball hit the bat everyone knew it was gone and people went crazy. Not high five and clap crazy, but jumping, hugging, screaming, running around crazy. Then when he rounded third and threw his helmet up in the air the place somehow got even louder. Chants of "Thome, Thome" filled the concourse as we filed out into the brisk summer night. Can't wait to watch tonight and be back at the ballpark for Pavano tomorrow. Go Twins!

(One weird thing that probably didn't make it on TV was a kid, probably 10 years old, running onto the field and falling to his knees and bowing in front of Delmon after his run in with AJ. It was weird. He bowed and then ran back into the crowd and sat down by his parents, like nothing was going to happen. He was obviously kicked out along with his parents, who by allowing their child to break the law in front of 40,000 people are currently front runners for worst parents of the year)

That doesn't make sense

It is awful to have a Mosque (actually a community center) two blocks from Ground Zero, buts no one seems to mind all the strip clubs, bars and porn shops. Those are as American as apple pie, right?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Go Twins!

I would already be excited for the three game series the Twins have with the White Sox, but I am even more excited because I am lucky enough to have tickets for both the Tuesday and Thursday games. Look for me tonight in left field catching all of the Twins home runs.


I don't know enough about spoken word poetry to comment intelligently, but I really wanted to re-post this video from Reviler of our friend Kyle (known formally as Guante and a former scribe for Culture Bully with us) from his performance at the National Poetry Slam, which our St. Paul team won for the second year in a row. Take that New York.....

He also has some cool news with his rapping stuff, which you can read all about in the post.

Comedy gone Horror!

Again, the old "people with too much time on their hands" mumbo jumbo, but still pretty funny stuff.


Listen to the new Lazerbeak jam, "Salt and Sea," over at Reviler. The track is off the Doomtree producer/former Plastic Constellations new solo album, which will be coming out shortly.

Want to head West

Although the music is a little much....what an amazing video. Really beautiful stuff.

Monday, August 16, 2010

That was quick....

...apparently Barack Obama is already the worse president in history. At least according to Dan Quayle's son.


Read my review of the excellent dramatic pop/post-rock from local group Whitesand/Badlands, who just released their debut LP Seeding the Clouds. Another really amazing local band that helps to make our scene so great.

Les Savy Fav Four Takes

Head over to Reviler to see our Four Takes on the excellent new Les Savy Fav record Root for Ruin, which is out now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Have a Good Weekend

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

Read the Reviler 4 Takes on the new Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band's new record Where The Messengers Meet.

Velvet Davenport Tape Review

Watch out world, here comes Velvet Davenport. The lo-fi psych popsters are starting to get recognized outside of the Minneapolis scene, especially with their new Moon Glyph tape White Blue. Check out a review and a mp3 over at Reviler and catch them live while you can.

Aweomse T-Shirts

My sister sent me this site today that his these two awesome T-shirts, plus plenty more. Good stuff.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Michael Cera movies in a nutshell

Saw this on twitter and thought it was too funny not to post.