Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Regolith Vol. 1

Head over to Reviler to check my review of the amazing new Moon Glyph compilation Regolith Vol. 1. If compilations can count (which I will leave up for debate), this probably will be my favorite record of the year. Read more and hear the lead track over at Reviler.

Eels "Looking Up"

Listen to the track "Looking Up" from the upcoming Eels LP over at Reviler.

Doesn't Make Sense

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Born Ruffians 4 Takes

Read 4 Takes on what we thought about the latest album, Say It, from quirky indie poppers Born Ruffians HERE.


Have you been thinking lately how you want to hear more revivalist disco and house music? Well, you are in luck. Read my review and check out a track from local group Nyteowl's new record Romantic Life over at Reviler.

Ugly Casanova

After watching this semi-decent quality video of new Ugly Casanova (Modest Mouse side project), head over to Reviler to hear another song from the bands contribution to the 180° South soundtrack.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Japandroids "Younger Us"

As you can read in my Reviler write up, the first 60 seconds of the new single "Younger Us" by Japandroids had me wondering if they had released their first dud, but they pick things up in a massive way for the rest of the track and prove again why I love them so much.

Grumpys Playlist

Check out a zip file of all the songs we played two Mondays ago at Grumpys for Minnesota Monday. It was fun as always and it is always fun (and easy) finding musical gems from our excellent music scene.

All Saints Day

All Saints Day is Gregg Foreman from Cat Power/Delta 72 and Katy Goodman from the Vivian Girls. You can hear their first song released together titled "It'll Come Around" over at Reviler.

Conflict of Interest?

Over at Reviler, I linked to a pretty interesting article from Tiny Mix Tapes where they ask if bloggers who also run record labels have a conflict of interest and then open up the discussion in the comments. Good Stuff.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'd Vote for Him

What an awesome, awesome video.

Free Mixtape

Head over to Reviler to check out a free mixtape from New York (via Minneapolis) radio show Radio Happy Hour. Artists on the mix include The Hold Steady, Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio, Cursive, Andrew WK and local bands Tapes and Tapes, Chris Koza and Jeremy Messersmith.

Chart for the Weekend

Think you are a big time drinker? Here is a chart with the average number of drinks people think it takes for these negative things to happen. Have a good weekend!

BP Coffee Spill

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tame Impala

I am a sucker for new bands, I will admit it. I love that excitement of hearing that first great song and then getting the whole debut EP or LP, especially when it is good top to bottom, not just the great song plus some fillers. Innerspeaker, the debut record by Tame Impala, was one of the records. It is just really great psychedelic garage rock and roll, no bones about it. Read my whole review and check out one of their song over at Reviler.


Noted pinko commie Bill O'Reilly grills the Pride of Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann about her defense of BP...huh? He also kind of took it to Sarah Palin. Whats up with him? Oh well, it's always fun watching people go on shows thinking they can regurgitate talking points and get asked real questions. The Horror!

Hey Jude

Ever wonder what it would sound like if Obama sang "Hey Jude" with Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Jack White? Wonder no longer.

10 Hours!

The epic tennis match at Wimbledon has gone on for over 10 hours.....10 hours! Read more HERE.


Head over to Reviler to check out my review of the South African proto-prog group BLK JKS news EP ZOL! The album is dense at points, but the title track is a fun song that was written for/featured in commercials leading up to the World Cup.

Stop Making Sesne


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Fanfarlo were one of the best surprises of last year with their amazing debut album Reservoir. They are back with a new EP based around their song "Fire Engine." Head over to Reviler to watch a video for the song and to hear a remix from Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio.


Black Mountain "Old Fangs"

Head over to Reviler to check out the track "Old Fangs" by Black Mountain. And yes, that is the real album cover.

Thank You Failblog

Failblog never ceases to find things that make me laugh.

Zoo Animal

Zoo Animal are a band I have liked for a while, and they seem to be gaining steam with the general music populace with their debut, self titled LP. Fans of moody female fronted rock would be advised to check it out. Read the Reviler review HERE.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wavves Post Acid

Head over to Reviler to hear a new song by Wavves, the surf punk jam "Post Acid," which is being released by the Mountain Dew label Green Label Sound.
It is rarely the case that all four reviewers for our Four Takes series really pan an album, but the stars (pun intended) aligned for our latest in the series, this time for the album The Five Ghosts from Toronto band Stars. Read it HERE.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Coral

Listen to a song and watch a video for new songs from English weirdo pop artists The Coral over at Reviler.


The BBC, easily one of the best TV channels in the world, proves its worth again with an excellent documentary about highly influential musical genre Krautrock. I wish I had a better way to watch it, but the best I can offer is to head over to Reviler and watch it through You Tube. While it isn't the most convenient, it is well worth it.

Bodies of Water

Head over to Reviler to hear the wonderful new song "Rise Up, Careful" from West Coast poppers Bodies of Water.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gone Fishin

I will be on a (much deserved, imo) vacation the rest of the week, so posting will be light, if not non existent. See you in a few days!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Like Bon Iver or Damien Rice? You should probably jump on the bandwagon for young folky Villiagers right now, so you can tell your friends you liked him before he was cool. Watch a video and check out a MP3 HERE.

Crazy Scots

Interesting article about an how badly the Scots treat their bodies, with the money quote below:
Almost the entire adult population of Scotland (97.5%) are likely to be either
cigarette smokers, heavy drinkers, physically inactive, overweight or have a
poor diet.
I have been to Scotland and I can say that these people really do know how to treat their bodies horribly. But at least it is a good time.

Here We Go Magic 4 Takes

Read the Reviler Four Takes on the latest album Pigeons from Here We Go Magic up now.

World Cup Lego

Remember that awesome US soccer game? Well, you can now relive it via Lego's. Awesome.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Plane Crash Caught on Video

Gotta give this WaPo reporter credit. His plane crashed and he kept the camera job my friend. Get that man a raise, or at least a stiff drink. Check out the top video is well worth a couple minutes of your time.

Hunting Club Review

I try my best to support local bands, but some CD's just don't connect with me. The latest album by local pop-rockers Hunting Club was one of those. I did say in my review that this CD will definitely hit the spot of certain music fans, it just didn't get my going. Read the review HERE.

LCD Soundsystem Covers

The new LCD Soundsystem album, This is Happening, is great. As expected, lots of different bands are covering songs from the album, with many more sure to come as the summer festival season is upon us. Check out two pretty decent covers over at Reviler.

Only in America

Oh, the South. Would we have crazy political ads without you? Check out this video for a candidate running for the House in Alabama and remind yourself that, yes, this is real. Sign me up.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mountain Man

Head over to Reviler to check out a new video and MP3 from 3 piece folksy girl group Mountain Man. Their debut album is dropping this summer and they will be here at the Turf Club on July 20th opening for Twin Sister and Bear in Heaven.

Grumpys Northeast TONIGHT

Join Jon Behm and myself as we spin Minnesota Music tonight at Grumpys in wonderful Northeast Minneapolis. The awesome deals ($1.50 Grainbelt, $2.00 Summit, $2.50 Surly) go from 5-9 and we will choose the tunes from 7-9. Hope to see you there!

Screw You BP

While you can feel pretty helpless in response to the grade A fuck up that BP has laid on our Southeastern coast, one can at least enjoy these artistic depictions of what the BP logo should really look like. Find a lot more HERE.

The Goondas

The Goondas are a grimy, up and coming garage rock band from Minneapolis. Check out my review of their debut, self titled LP over at Reviler. Also, if you get a chance, check out their wild live is quite the spectacle.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free Dodo's Album

Head over to Reviler to find the details about a solid new live album that the Dodo's are giving away for free. While their last album was kind of a dud, they are always awesome live, and the price is right.

Cool Kids Mixtape

Head over to Reviler to check out a new mixtape titled tacklebox from throwback rappers The Cool Kids.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We'll Take It

Way to go USA, although I hope they know that screw ups on that magnitude aren't going to save them in future games.

Pretty Clear


Friday, June 11, 2010

Wolf Parade Expo 86

After a minor hiccup with their last album (which wasn't bad, just uneven), Wolf Parade are back with a bang. Their latest album, Expo 86, is pretty awesome, with both Dan and Spencer really bringing their best for this much more driving and upbeat album. Check out 4 Takes over at Reviler.

Gaunlet Hair

Check out another spacey, dream pop track. This time it is the excellent "I Was Thinking" by Gauntlet Hair. Check it out over at Reviler.

World Cup World Cup!

World Cup! If you are looking to keep up to date, check out the pretty solid New Republic blog and if you want a interesting primer, check out this funny and informative primer. Also, just because, here is a Dave Eggers article about the World Cup.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Evolution of Phones

A Paper Cup Band

Head over to Reviler to check out a review of the up and coming Minneapolis band A Paper Cup Band. The group sound a little like Pavement and a little like Blitzen Trapper, and their 3rd album is their best one yet.


One positive thing about the 7 day (and counting) hell of getting my wisdom teeth out was that it allowed me to watch seasons 1 and 2 of Dexter, which I have found to be a really excellent show. Obviously shows about a serial killer is a little dark, but that is right up my alley and I find it a great mix of serious and kind of funny, with a strangely human component running throughout. Highly Recommended.


I have never bought the whole M.I.A thing, so I was happy when the New York Times wrote a piece basically calling her a phony. Read more about it over at Reviler.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Very Best Live

Read my review (and watch a few videos) of the amazingly fun The Very Best show at the Cedar a few weeks back. Easily the most fun show I have been to in years. They are highly recommended when they come back into town.

Sleigh Bells Treats Review

Read Four Takes on the exciting (and divisive) new album Treats by buzz duo Sleigh Bells over at Reviler.

New Arcade Fire

Head over to Reviler to hear the first two nuggets released from demigods Arcade Fire from their upcoming Suburbs LP. There have been some pretty amazing albums already this year, and for sure at least Arcade Fire and Panda Bear still to come, means that 2010 is one of the best years on record.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Liars, Beautiful Liars

It is funny how before you get your wisdom teeth pulled, everyone tells you how quick and painless the process is. Once you get them out, and can't eat solid food for five days, the real stories slowly start appearing. I suppose that is kind of people to hide what really can happen, but damnit, I was expecting two days and back on my feet.

Will get back to posting when I can chew food again and not feel like I was beaten up by Derek Boogard.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Worst Weekend Ever

Man, getting your wisdom teeth out is bad enough, with the pain and no eating for like 2 days (my jaw really does look like the dad from American Dad above). It doesn't help when the random weekend I picked to get the teeth out also happened to be a really awesome weekend to see shows. So while I have been laying on the couch watching Dexter and icing my gigantic face, I have missed Holy Fuck on Thursday, Caribou/Toro Y Moi and A Paper Cup Band CD Release last night, and Private Dancer/Capricorn Vertical Slums/Slapping Purses/France Has the Bomb/Teddy and the Turks blowout tonight at the Turf. And Grand Old Day tomorrow! Not Fair!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Half-Year Lists

I will leave you for the weekend with one of my absolute guilty pleasures, which is making (and reading) lists of things I like, particularly anything music related. For Reviler, we put together our top 10 albums, top 5 local albums, and top 10 songs from the first half of 2010. I can say that the front half of this year has been incredibly excellent and there are some big name bands (Arcade Fire, Panda Bear, Wavves) that are coming out with albums in the back half of the year, which is helping to shape 2010 as one of the strongest years in recent memory. Add any songs/albums we missed to the comment section and hopefully there is some new music in the lists that you will like. Can't wait until November when I can start putting together my year end lists!