Saturday, May 29, 2010

World Cup

Man, I am excited about the World Cup. Watch the video above and check out the cool ESPN site HERE. The first big game for the home team will be when USA plays England on June 12th. Should be awesome.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day

Gaslight Anthem 4 Takes

Read the Reviler Four Takes on the new Gaslight Anthem album American Slang. We didn't like it.
Check out Meredith's pics and a short write up I did from the Local Natives/Suckers show recently at the sweltering 400 Bar. Man, that place is a dump.

Pete Rock remixing Yo La Tengo

As I say in my write up on Reviler, anytime a legend like Pete Rock remixes legends like Yo La Tengo, you gotta check it out. Listen to it HERE.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

King of Kong

I think I posted about this when I first watch the main part of the movie, but I finally got around to watching the last 25 minutes or so of this flick and still give it high marks. I am a big fan of movie makers who turn something that is boring on paper (The old school video game Donkey Kong) and compose a compelling narrative. Definitely worth checking out if you missed it when it came out a few years back.

The National High Violet

As you will see today on Reviler with our half year lists, the Nationals High Violet is my unquestioned album of the year so far. Read my original review HERE.

Graham O'Brien Remix

Head over to Reviler to check out No Bird Sing drummer/overall man about town Graham O'Brien as he remixes the semi soft rock of Adam Svec. He turns it into a Radiohead-esqe tripped out jam, which is pretty cool. It comes off his mostly instrumental album All Drums, which is out now.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Buffalo Moon

I mentioned their debut album before, but now you can check out some live videos from Buffalo Moon, one of my favorite young bands playing in the Twin Cities right now. The video above (plus a few more found over at Reviler) are from an in-store they did at the Electric Fetus a few weeks back.

Monkey Business

Another week, another right wing, "Pro Family" politician caught with their pants down and their doting wives nowhere to be found. (Two weeks ago it was the gay converter with the boy from, last week was Souter with his Aide who helped him push abstinence only teaching, and now it is hard line, right wing, anti-gay Nikki Haley in South Carolina who apparently had an affair with a conservative blogger) It is a subject that is frustrating to no ends, but no matter the hypocrisy, the "family values" sect never seems to quite get it. E.J Dionne Jr. from the Washington Post wrote a really good Op-Ed the other day about how he wishes people would stop trying to blame gays, abortion, the "secular left", etc on families falling apart. There are lots of real, legitimate, fixable reasons that more and more families are falling apart, but making gay marriage a bogeyman for all these problems is both ignorant and shortsighted. If these people genuinely cared about children born out of wedlock and the disintegration of two parent households, there could be adult conversations about things that could serve to negate some of these problems, but that is surely asking too much. It is much easier to just blame it on the gays.

The Poison Control Center "Sad Sour Future"

Check out my review of the excellent new album Sad Sour Future by Poison Control Center, one of my very favorite Midwestern bands (they're from Ames, IA). I have nothing but good things to say about the band, and they are one of my favorite live bands playing right now, local or otherwise. Check them out at the Turf Club on June 10th.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gang War

Nothing says "Home Sweet Home" like a gang war, right? A killing on the scenic paths along Lake Calhon is when you officially can say that this crap can happen anywhere.

Echo House

I don't have nearly enough time to read books (especially novels), but I still try my best. I just got done reading Echo House by acclaimed political novelist Ward Just. I knew of Just and heard he was good, and that was reinforced with Echo House, a book about a political dynasty centered around a powerful Washington family. The thing I liked best was that they mixed the fictional characters (the Behl family) with real historical people and events. Not sure what I will read next, but I am definitely interested in checking out more of his books.

Thee Oh Sees

Liek garage rock? Then you should check out Thee Oh Sees, one of the very best garage rock bands of the last few years. Read a review of their latest album, Warm Slime, over at Reviler.

Hold Steady Heaven is Whenever

Read my review over at Reviler of the latest Hold Steady LP Heaven is Whenever. Like their last album (Stay Positive), it doesn't hold up to their first three records, but it still is Craig Finn, so that means it can't be bad.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tarlton Learn By Example

Listen to the song "Learn By Example" from local pop-rockers Tarlton over at Reviler.

Boondock Saints 2

Wow, what a horrible movie. I know some people thought the first one was crap and cheesy, but I actually liked it. All Saints Day was really terrible, almost enough to make me question whether people were right and the first one was junk too. Everything that they did right in the first one was brushed off to create a final product that was tacky, too long and one of the laziest, more uncreative movies I have ever seen.

Pure Ecstasy "Dream Over"

Another awesome jam, this one called "Dream Over," from Austin based dream pop upstarts Pure Ecstasy, is up over at Reviler. Really looking forward to them putting out a debut record.

New Wolf Parade

Head over to Reviler to check out some new tracks by Wolf Parade from their upcoming Expo 86 LP. The songs (and the album) are really awesome, which is pretty much what is expected at this point from Spencer, Dan and the gang.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blitzen Trapper Review

Read my review (I was very let down) and three others thoughts on the latest album from Blitzen Trapper, titled Destroyer of the Void. Check it out HERE.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shit my kids ruined

I, personally, have no children. That being said, I fully expect utter destruction from any and all children I may raise. If you are under the illusion that kids don't ruin stuff, check out this great site called Shit My Kids Ruined.

Best Coast "Far Away"

Check out the latest song from buzzing female fronted garage rockers Best Coast "Far Away" over at Reviler.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Curatorial Club

Head over to Reviler to check out my thoughts on the Chocolate Bobka curated Curatorial Club tape series, which started out with tapes from Twin Sister, Alex Bleeker and Run DMT. Keep an eye out for future releases.


Check out this blissful electro pop jam from local group Pawlic, who are a side project for the guy from local band Glass Buds. Interesting stuff.

Family Values

Watch this video above knowing that the man preaching family values and abstinence is having sex with his staffer.....who is in the video of him preaching family values. Classic. You can't make it up.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crystal Antlers

I really like the Crystal Antler live. I also really liked their debut EP. Since then, their recorded output has been a little shaky. Adding to the doubt is their latest 7", which you can grab from my post about the band over at Reviler. Can't say it is highly recommended, but if they come back through Minneapolis you should not miss their high energy show.

Fang Island

Haven't heard Fang Island yet? Check out an MP3 and a video over at Reviler and decide whether you are on board with this buzz band or not.

Besnard Lakes Live Review

I see enough shows that there is not often bands I get really excited to see anymore, but Besnard Lakes were one of those. They didn't disapoint. Check out my review + videos and Jon's photos from their stirring set at the 7th Street Entry over at Reviler. If you haven't checked out their stunning The Besnard Lake are the Roaring Night LP from early this year, you should.

Yeasayer/Sleigh Bells Live Review

Read my review and check out Erik's awesome pics from the Yeasayer/Sleigh Bells show at First Ave a little while back over at Reviler. Yeasayer were ok, but Sleight Bells killed. Brace yourself for some serious hype surrounding this duo in the coming months.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Black Keys Brothers Review

Read my thoughts, along with four other people (including Eric from No Bird Sing and Alexi from Kill the Vulture/Roma Di Luna) about the new record Brothers from the Black Keys. Short version: it is good, as is expected. Check it out over at Reviler.

Alex Bleeker

Listen to the brezzy, hazed out jam "Getting By" by NJ classic rockers Alex Bleeker and the Freaks (minus the Freaks for this song) over at Reviler.

Yes please

My sister sent me this pretty sweet video of some nerd with too much time who made a guitar out of smart phones.


Big day for politics. Primaries in Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Kentucky with a special election in PA 12 to succeed John Murtha. Good stuff.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Art A Whirl

Wow, what a weekend. I think I am still recovering from the sun, fresh air, biking, live music overload and beer, but it was worth it. One of my favorite weekends of the year lived up to all my expectations and was so much fun. Lots of friends, old and new, lots of great live local music and lots of great local beer (big shout out to Fulton Beer, which was really great). I also snuck in seeing the late Gayngs show Friday night, the Mill City Farmers market Saturday morning, late night beers at Grumpys Saturday night and biking by the river after Art A Whirl Sunday. Best weekend ever? Maybe so.

Check out Jon and Adams photo sets from the weekend HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE Check out my videos HERE.

Plants and Animals + Zoo Animal Live

My words and videos and Erik Hess's excellent photos are up now at Reviler from the Plants and Animals/Zoo Animal show at the Varsity a little while back. It was quite good.

Holy Fuck "Latin" Review

Check out my review of the really awesome new album Latin from Canadian electro rabble rousers Holy Fuck. In addition to making great albums, they also are an excellent live band that you should check out on June 3rd when they play a show at the Turf Club. While you are getting sweaty dancing to their great music, I will be reeling from getting my wisdom teeth torn from my unsuspecting mouth that afternoon. Joy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Art a Whirl!

One of my favorite weekends of the year is here! I apologize for the slow posting day, but I come with a gift, which is this link which highlights the best that this weekends Art-A Whirl has to offer. See you there!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tip of the Day

Don't look Gorillas in the eye. They will kill you. If you look at them, use your Gorilla Glasses.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Joy "No Summer"

The buzzing single "No Summer" from No Joy really jumped out at me amongst the plethora of songs I have heard lately. Not sure if they will end up being a buzz band that fades away or a band that really puts out more good material, but "No Summer" will do just fine for right now. Listen to it over at Reviler.

Yep, thats legos.....

The Internet can be a suckhole of useless crap, but when I see something like this, I realize that it also can be a place for a guy with a kind of strange hobby to show the world his absolutely amazing talents. Really, if you are cynical about how can a guy with Lego's do something that cool...check out his site and tell me it isn't wildly impressive.

Plants and Animals Interview

Check out my interview with the excellent Canadian band Plants and Animals over at Reviler.

Oil Rig Explained

Pretty short but informative video about the oil spill, although I did think that a robot claw and a giant dome sounded pretty fucking amateur, but that's just me. I feel like I would have suggested "get a giant robot sub with arms" if they had asked me, so I expect something a little bit more, I don't know, scientific from a multi national oil company that has hundreds of billions in profits each year, but maybe I am overestimating them.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This guy, running for political office, believes in evolution and he said the bible shouldn't be taken literally. He must be crazy.

Beach Fossils Review

Want to hear more spaced out dream pop music? You are in luck. My review of the new album from Beach Fossils is up now at Reviler.

Twins Game

Going to the old ballpark tonight, if it doesn't get rained out that is. Hoping this doesn't happen to me.

LCD Soundsystem This is Happening

Longtime readers of this site know how much I love LCD Soundsytem, so one would expect that I would gush praise for their new album This is Happening, but I can promise that it actually is good. I swear! While there are no songs that top "All my Friends" from his last disc (that might be an unrealistic expectation as it was my favorite song of the 00's), it is another solid front to back disc from one of my favorite bands going right now. Can't wait to see them again at Pitchfork. Read the review over at Reviler.

If Sarah Palin played a loud, grinding instrument, she would be in my band.

So begins the brain melting essay world renowned intellectual Ted Nugent wrote in Time Magazine, yep Time Magazine, about Sarah Palin, who was voted one of the 2010 Time 100. There is literally too much wrong with that sentence to dissect, but I will only use this as an instance to show why these news weeklies shouldn't be surprised when people don't respect (or, frankly, purchase) their product.

Harlem "Hippies" 4 Takes

Read my thoughts, along with 3 other takes, on the latest 4 Takes for the album Hippies from Texas garage rockers Harlem over at Reviler.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Things you shouldn't make yourself

In addition to a children's bike seat, check out 19 others HERE.

Buffalo Moon Wesuit Review

Read my Reviler review of the excellent debut album Wetsuit by Buffalo Moon. The world beat pop music from the part Minneapolis/part Ecuadorian group is different than most anything going on in the scene right now and is a perfect soundtrack for a sunny summer. Check out the group live this Thursday at the Electric Fetus at 7pm for their Minneseries.

Antlers Live Review

Read my review and check out Meredith's pics of the Antlers + Phantogram show at the Varsity a little while back over at Reviler.

Woods At Echo Lake Review

Check out my review of the awesome new album At Echo Lake by folky classic rockers Woods. The group is a great mix of newer, more ambient sounds and a straight up Crosby, Still and Nash vibe, which is something I haven't seen from any other band. Don't sleep on these guys....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Blur "Fools Day"

Listen to the first new Blur song in many years, the mellow "Fools Day, over at Reviler.


Check out the dusty new alt coutnry track "Volunteers" by Megafaun up now at Reviler.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

UK Elections

The UK went to the polls today for their once every 5 years (or so) elections, and everyone is waiting excitedly for the results. Right?

Well, if you are at least curious, check out the BBC for ongoing results HERE.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gayngs Relayeted Review

Read my take, plus three others, on the Reviler 4 Takes for the upcoming Gayngs album Relayted that is up now. The local supergroup will be performing for the first time together (24 strong!) on Friday May 14th for both a all ages (5PM) and 21+ (10PM) shows at First Avenue. Should be pretty awesome.