Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grizzy Bear + Beach House

I was already looking forward to tonight Grizzly Bear + Beach House show, but this video from You Ain't No Picasso ups the ante. Hopefully Victoria will join the boys for a song or two again tonight.

Free Mix Tapes

Right after I say I am not pumped about Tapes N Tapes upcoming tour, they go and do something cool like release an awesome mix tape featuring some of the best local bands Minneapolis and St. Paul have to offer.

Shame on Me.

Check it out HERE.

BLK JKS live videos

BLK JKS "Lakeside" (Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis 09/24/2009) from on Vimeo.

Check out Culture Bully for some more videos like this one from the very cool BLK JKS show last Thursday at the Cedar Cultural Center. If you haven't checked out this wild South African band before, pick up their new EP After Robots.

Sufjan Stevens live review

Reader Beware: My Sufjan Stevens live review from his amazing Sunday night show is long....

If you are interested in 1,500 words about why I liked the show so much, along with some pics and videos of his new songs, check it out HERE.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sarah Palin to release memoir "Going Rouge" in November



It would be pretty great to steal two in one day and pull even with the Tigers......

How Communication has evolved

History of communication from DesignTV on Vimeo.

Sometimes when I see something this I wonder where people get the time/energy/creativity to do something like this, but then I just push that to the back of my mind and enjoy their amazing work.

Tapes N Tapes "Tour of Minneapolis"

Tapes N Tapes very cool tour of the Twin Cities starts this Thursday with a show at the 7th Street Entry. Is it bad that I am not excited? I was a HUGE fan after their debut album and saw them many times, but Walk it Off left me cold and lately even their live show has not interested me. They have awesome openers each night, so if you are a fan or have never seen the band, these should be some really cool shows.

Thur 9/1
Tapes N Tapes + Lookbook + Mystery Palace
7th Street Entry

Fri 9/2
Tapes N Tapes + Jeremy Messersmith + The Owls
Acoustic show at the Music Box

Sat 9/3
Tapes N Tapes + Red Pens + Chooglin'
Turf Club

That creeping feeling like the whole world is going crazy...

..doesn't seem so far away what you see videos like this.

Picked To Click

Just got the word from the City Pages folks that the Picked to Click winners will be announced today (Tuesday) at 2PM on the Mischke broadcast (whatever the hell that is). After that is aired they will release the top 10 for the people who didn't hear that show (which I assume is most everyone), and have interviews with each band/artist. Should be cool.

We will see if any of my picks made it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Do as I say, not as I do.....

Is it bad if you are running for Governor of the biggest, most powerful (and most messed up ) state in America and it comes out you never voted your entire adult life until 2002 and even since you have registered you missed some elections? Meg Whitman, Republican candidate for Governor of California, recently admitted that she hasn't been the most involved with politics until, you know, she wanted to assume the seat as the person in charge of it all. Sounds like a plan to me.


Saturday, October 17th
The Hold Steady
Lion's Pause Mane Stage
St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN
$20 on sale OCT 5th to the public.

If the students don't snatch up the tickets first, this could be lots and lots of fun.

(H/T: Kyle)

Musical Circus

Check out my pics and videos from Saturdays "Musical Circus" at the wonderful Ritz Theatre in NE over at Culture Bully. Nice to see local bands thinking outside the box.

Good Lord

My sister sent me a link to a site that is making and selling Michelle Bachmann action figures (or stick pin doll...once you toss them $39.95 you can do whatever). Upon seeing it I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, as our distinguished bat shit crazy member of the House of Representatives is officially "infamous." She joins the likes of Joe Wilson and Sarah Palin, so this company clearly aims to, um "honor," the best and brightest our political system has to offer.

Best of the Decade

My take on another record I thought was the "Best of the Decade" is up over at Culture Bully. This time it focuses on LCD Soundsystem's debut record, although I mostly just liked "Losing my Edge," so it ends up being just about that song. Ho Hum.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Not sure if we will ever see a jj tour here in the US, but here is what it would look/sound like. Notice the awesome cover of "Devil Town" by Daniel Johnston.

(H/T: GvsB)

Sufjan Stevens TONIGHT!

Hellz yes....I am pumped for tonight show. Sounds like lots of new material, which is both good and bad. I have never seen him before, so I would love to hear the Swans, Michigan and Illinoise stuff live, but judging by the song above, the new stuff is pretty wild.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pet Rocks Set Times

Here are the set times for the Pet Rocks show happening Saturday at the 501 Club. It benefits won't say no to a kitten, right?

Outdoor acts include:
Skoal Kodiak - 9pm
First Communion Afterparty - 8pm
Kill To Kill 7pm
Speeds The Name 6pm
Magic Castles 5pm
Condos - 4pm
Death Cube - 3pm
Parallax - 2pm
Andy Elwell - 1pm

Indoor acts include (10pm-close):
Gospel Gossip

Friday, September 25, 2009

Best of the Decade (Brother Ali)

I picked Brother Ali's debut album Shadows on the Sun as one of my "Best of the Decade" picks over at Culture Bully. Check out the article and a MP3 HERE.

Get off Yr Ass (and wear a sweater... edition)

This is a weekly feature that takes away your lames excuse that there is "nothing going on" this weekend. So put away your sweatpants and slippers, put your Bud Light back in the fridge, take the Lost disc out of the DVD player and get off your ass and support live local music. If I missed any shows that are worth seeing, leave them in the comments. HAVE FUN!

Arctic Monkeys- First Ave Sold Out
meh. Although at least 1,500 people would disagree with me.
Dirty Hits + His Mischief -Hexagon Bar FREE
The Dirty Hits will be celebrating the release of their latest album with local blues-garage rockers His Mischief.

Charlie Parr- Lee's Liquor Lounge

If you are looking for rustic folk music, look no further.

The Royal Alberta Advantage- 7th Street Entry

Earnest indie pop music from this Canadian band who have been slowly building up a strong fan base. Love Language will be opening.

A really solid lineup of off the beaten path local bands who should provide a entertaining top to bottom lineup.


Pet Rock- 501 Club 1pm-2AM

Lots of great local bands (including Skoal Kodiak, FCAP and Gospel Gossip) playing an outdoor benefit show for a great local organization that helps pets get supplies. Sounds good to me. Hopefully it doesn't rain.

O's Mutantes- Cedar Cultural Center
Tropicalia legends are coming to the city for a show as part of the Cedar Cultural Centers "Global Roots Festival." Although there is only 1 original member, this show should be wildly entertaining.
Dosh- Harriet Bandshell
Another show that should be great...if it doesn't rain.

The Weakerthans- Triple Rock
Confessional pop punk music done right. They don't tour much, so if you are a big fan, don't miss this show.

Jack Penate- 7th Street
If you don't get enough music from big international artists at the Global Roots Fest at the Cedar, head over the the Entry.

The Nightinghales Musical Circus- Ritz Theatre
In what should be the most interesting show of the weekend, the Nighinghales (along with a host of other local bands) will be invading the Ritz Theatre in NE with a full on circus. Should be wild.

First Communion Afterparty + Flavor Crystals + LSD and the Search for God- Uptown
Turn on, tune in, drop out. Or something like that.

MPLS + Chicago- Hexagon
The Hex is hosting a very cool event where a group of Minneapolis bands invited some of their friends from the Windy City to play a great show at the Hex.

Son Volt- First Avenue
Jay Farrar brings his alt-country stalwarts bring their extensive back catalog to the Mainroom.

Sufjan Stevens- 400 Bar

Some unknown folk singer from Michigan will be playing a show at a shit hole dive bar in Minneapolis. Think anyone will show up?


Under the headline "They May Be Jerks But You Have to Be Nice to Them Anyway," the Talking Points memo pointed out a crazy caveat in the recent NYT/CBS polls (the same one that found the Public Option popular with a large majority of Americans, for what it is worth).

Greg Sargent catches one of those oddities that emerge from time to time in public opinion. In this case, nearly two-thirds of those polled in the new CBS/NYT poll think the Republicans are opposing Obama on health care reform for political reasons -- but nearly two-thirds also think Democrats shouldn't pass reform without Republican support.
Count me as someone who does not understand people sometimes.

1,000th Post

Wow...that seems like a lot.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who has read my blog!

Radio K

Some cool news from the great folks at Radio K.

Radio K is thrilled to announce that October 1st at 12:01 AM the oldest
radio station in the State becomes the newest. How, you ask? By broadcasting
24/7/365 on the FM dial at 104.5 and 100.7 from the West Bank of the University
of Minnesota!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Employee of the Year

If your job says you aren't doing a good job, you can tell them that at least you aren't stealing $275K worth of products and selling them on Ebay.

Best of the Decade

My post on the Brother Ali album Shadows on the Sun is up over at Culture Bully as part of the "Best of the Decade" feature. Check it out HERE.


John Fogerty
State Theatre

I have seen Fogerty twice, and other than the annoying baseball bat guitar he busts out for "Centerfield," his shows are enormously fun and are 2 straight hours of songs that everyone in the building knows every word to.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interesting Show

I was perusing the 331/501 website when I saw this interesting show coming to the 331 on Saturday Nov 7th. I haven't seen/heard anything from either of these "bands," but I am going to do some more investigating and find out. There are some great names/bands listed and it should be, at the very least, an interesting evening.

331 Club
11/7 9PM
Grant Cutler & The Gorgeous Lords (Grant Cutler of Lookbook with members from The Plastic Constellations, Brutal Becomings, Askeleton)
w/ IS IS (Sarah from Gospel Gossip, and Sarah from First Communion After Party)


Ducktails - House of Mirrors from Chocolate Bobka on Vimeo.

I finally got my record player and receiver up and running again last night and the first thing I put on was the Julian Lynch/Ducktails split 7" that I got from Underwater Peoples a few weeks back. I have to say that Ducktails trippy, hazy dream pop sounded great crackling out of the record player.

If you haven't heard the band before, check out the video above.

(H/T: Choclate Bobka)

John Phillips= Creep

Wow....Stereogum has the link to an absolutely amazing (in a bad way) story about John Phillips, the hard partying former Mama and Papa's singer. While his drinking/drugs/womanizing antics have been chronicled in detail in the past, his daughter Mackenzie (the one name checked by Craig Finn) now says that she had an incestuous relationship with her father.


I had read about her taking all kinds of drugs with her dad when she was like 12, but this blows that out of the water.

Kind of makes you re-think the Mama's and the Papa's, no?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Life in San Fransisco"

My confused review of Album by Girls will be up soon over at Culture Bully, but hearing the B side to the new "Lust for Life" single makes me wish they had chosen a few different songs to make the album. In addition to "Carolina" a song they play live but didn't add to the album, the new B-Side "Life in San Fransisco" is another stunning song. Personally, I think both songs could have replaced a couple of the songs that made it onto Album, but that is just my opinion.

As you will see in the review, I really liked the album but was torn by certain parts that I felt didn't live up to the really high standards some of the early releases showed. Too bad these two songs didn't make it to the disc...might have made the it an album of the year contender.

Hear the new song over at GvB HERE.

Soda Tax

Interesting article (and this awesome picture) over at the Economix blog talking about the growing support for a soda tax, either just for revenue or to support the costs of the upcoming Health Care Reform.

I guess personally I can see the benefits. People drinking soda and getting fat (and having more health issues) surely is at least partially as bad as drinking alcohol or smoking, both of which are heavily taxed (rightfully so in most minds).

There really are no benefits to drinking soda, so a tax would give people the option to either a)find something healthier or b)give money back so that when they are bed ridden with diabetes at 45 in the emergency room at least part of their bills are covered.

Red Pens "Reasons"

My review of the stunning new Red Pens album Reasons is up over at Culture Bully. The Red Pens are a noisy but melodic two piece from Minneapolis that you will be hearing a lot from in the near future.

A good chance to see the band live will be tommorow night at the 7th Street Entry as they open for shambolic garage rockers Soft Pack.

Cass McComb's "The Executioner"

My review of the Cass McComb's song "The Executioner" is up over at Culture Bully. The track, from the singers wonderfully blissful new album, Catacombs, is a slow grower but is really a gorgeous track that is indicative of the great album he has produced.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Free Energy + The Rakes
Triple Rock Social Club
November 6th, 2009

Ex-Hockey Night band Free Energy will be joined by English indie rockers The Rakes for what should be a really fun show at the TRSC.

Something Here is Different

Way to go Midwest!

Grey Skies

My review of the new New Leaf, the new EP from local group Grey Skies, is up over at Culture Bully.

Birther Rap

Following Levi Johnston's Blues, here is another video combining my two favorite things, politics and music. This one is even funnier, with a group of rappers spitting rhymes about conservative causes, most notably bringing up the "birther" argument.

This falls neatly into the "words cannot describe how crazy this is" category.

Oh Palmetto State, why are you so crazy

After Joe Wilson's outburst a few weeks back, I read a few great articles about how his behaviour, seen as outlandish and possibly worse across the country, wasn't anything out of the ordinary for either him or his fellow South Carolina Republicans. In addition to his previous vote to keep the confederate flag flying over the capital, Wilson said some crazy things about Strom Thurmond when he died.

Tom Schaller over at Five Thirty Eight had this to say about South Carolina's, um, checkered past:

Well into the 20th century, this was the state where black citizens observed the Fourth of July mostly alone. Why? Because--get this--the vast majority of whites preferred instead to celebrate Confederate Memorial Day, May 10, a practice that continued into the early 50s, which means there are some very senior South Carolina citizens who skipped a few Fourths back in their early years. (Why isn't Sean Hannity asking them to brandish their flag pins?) In 1920, this was the state whose legislature rejected the women’s suffrage amendment, only ratifying it for symbolic purposes a half century later, in 1969. In 1948, this was the state where the legislature declared President Harry Truman’s new civil rights commission “un-American,” and that offered segregationist favorite son Strom Thurmond as the so-called Dixiecrat party's presidential nominee. And it was this state's Clarendon County, not Topeka, that was the original case that later became--and only after political intervention by Gov. James Byrnes to replace SC with KS--the landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Is anyone surprised that this was the state that brought the first court challenge to the 1965 Voting Rights Act?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Levi Johnston Blues

For someone who writes a blog that puts a focus on Music and Politics, you can't really pass up a video like this. Ben Folds singing a song about Sarah Palin's almost son-in-law Levi Johnston and his foray into the public debate.

Good Stuff.

Cool Pics

You can find some more cool pictures described as "retro-punk" HERE.

(H/T: Daily Dish)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here are some pics Jon took and some vids I took from the Megafaun show the other night, which are now up over at Culture Bully. If you missed it, check out my interview with the band that they were kind enough to take part in prior to rolling into the Twin Cities.

Auto Tune

I have meant to post these in the past, but have always forgot. Here is the latest installment of Autotuning the news.


Friday, September 18, 2009

More Japandroids

Japandroids "I Quit Girls" (Turf Club, St. Paul 09/13/2009) from on Vimeo.

As is Erik's much more details review from last Sunday's Japandroids show. Check it out to see some of the videos I took of the utter meltdown the band had at the end of their set, which was too bad because everything building up to it had been excellent.

Girls "Laura" video

Yours Truly Presents: Girls "Laura" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Not my favorite song on the album by a long stretch, but their videos are always great, so here is "Laura" from Girls Album. My review is signed sealed and delivered and should be up over at Culture Bully in the coming week sometime.

Does Pitchfork Suck?

Over at Culture Bully we have a new feature called "Culture Bully Asks" where we pose a question and leave the comment section open for people to have at it. I wrote the one this week and it asks the question posed in the title of this post. Check out the full explanation HERE and weigh in.....we would love to hear from everyone.

Get off Yr Ass (Oktoberfest edition)

This is a weekly feature that takes away your lames excuse that there is "nothing going on" this weekend. So put away your sweatpants and slippers, put your Bud Light back in the fridge, take the Lost disc out of the DVD player and get off your ass and support live local music. If I missed any shows that are worth seeing, leave them in the comments. HAVE FUN!

Lucinda Williams- First Ave 9PM
Lucinda Williams always plays great shows at First Ave, which she has stated is one of her favorite venues...oh yeah, and she is getting married on stage.

Zombie Season + Bouncer Fighter- Hexagon 9PM
Zombie Season will be celebrating the release of their latest LP Our Living Funeral with some friends at this free show at the Hex.

B-Girl Be Block Party- Intermedia Arts
A yearly tradition back at Intermedia Arts celebrating women artists in Minneapolis.

Double Bird- 501 Club
Up and coming band will settle into the 501 to play their raucous rock and roll. Free as always.

Myster Palace + Estate + Military Special- Kitty Cat Klub
Three great electronic bands play at the KCK. MP are more song oriented while Estate and MS will make you dance.

Seawhores + Red Pens- Triple Rock Social Club
The Red Pens, who recently re-released their amazing debut album Reasons, will share the bill will the more unhinged Seawhores for what should be a loud, and exciting, show.

Slapping Purses + Moonstone +Digitata- 7th Street Entry
Slapping Purses and Moonstone are two of the cities best (and nosiest) electronic bands going right now. Digitata are a little smoother around the edges, but this bill (which features 5 bands in all) should be a great testament to the growing electro-noise scene in the city.

His Mischief + Arms Akimbo + the Invincible Kids- Sauce
Classic Rock bitches. No electro-noise here. Just solid riffs and good times.

Woods Show Review

HERE is my review of the Woods + Vampire Hands + Daughters of the Sun + Leisure Birds show from the Turf Club on Saturday. The review includes videos of all the bands + some great pics from Jon Behm (including above).

Best. Painting. Ever.

This is a painting. See the steps taken to make it HERE.

(H/T: Daily Dish)

First Women President

Michelle Bachmann said that people attack her because people are afraid she will be the first women president.

How did she know!?!

(H/T: Think Progress)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I figure it is my blogging duty to breathlessly talk about the Pavement Reunion, right?

Well, I am pretty f'ing excited, so it isn't too hard.


I was about 10 when the band was in their prime, so needless to say I have never seen them live before. Hopefully that will change with their 2010 tour. Although I hope it isn't so, I am putting my money on a show at Roy Wilkins Auditorium (that is assuming they don't pull a Radiohead and skip over us).

Frankly, they could play in a outhouse or the Target Center and I would go, so it doesn't matter much to me.

Check their site for more updates.

Electric Fetus Sale

Bad News= The Fetus got hit by a tornado

Good News= The Fetus has less space while they repair their store, so they are having a big ass sale this weekend!

Minneapolis Fetus Tent SaleFriday, Sept. 18th - Sunday, Sept. 20th Due to damages from the Aug. 19th tornado our Minneapolis store has lost 3,000 square of sales floor space. This means we need to clear out lots of inventory that we currently don't have room for. Much of this includes gifts and clothing, but there will also be tons of music on sale as well.* Gifts and Clothing: Items marked down 25%, 50%, and 75%!At least 50% of all of these items are being marked down 50%.* Muic: 1000s of cheap CDs and LPs - literally almost nothing marked over $3.00.* Other: Select discounts in the store ranging from 15% to 20% off. Come on down and get the last great deals of summer!

Listen to new Flaming Lips album!

After appearing on the Colbert Report tonight, the Flaming Lips were kind enough to stream their new album, Embryonic, for the next week on the website.

Too tired to listen to it tonight, but I am looking forward to checking it out ASAP.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why? get a new manager

WHY?'s new manager, Blake Maxwell from anticon. on Vimeo.

Really funny video the Why? guys put out to promote their amazing new album, Eskimo Snow. It reminds me of the Clell Tickle video from Tapes N Tapes. You got to like it when bands you really admire seem to have a good sense of humor. The video above is NSFW.


We don't need health reform, right?

SEIU is calling attention to the fact
that the health insurance industry considers domestic violence to be a
“pre-existing condition” in some states. “Under the cold logic of the insurance
industry, it makes perfect sense: If you are in a marriage with someone who has
beaten you in the past, you’re more likely to get beaten again than the average
person and are therefore more expensive to


Phoenix In Store

The cat is finally out of the bag. The long known news that Phoenix will be playing an instore at the Electric Fetus was finally released on the bands website.

If you buy their CD from the Fetus, you can be one of the lucky 200 to catch the band at Noon the day of their very sold out show at First Ave.

Pawlenty goes nuts

Our Governor is going a little nuts in his hope to bring in the right wing of his party. After running our state into the ground, he is now advocating "state sovereignty," using himself and the wacko governor of Texas, Rick Perry, as examples of states that are fighting the big, bad, evil government.

Basically, if these guys had their way, they would deconstruct the very government where they have worked for most of their lives and, in Perry's case, SECEDE FROM THE UNION!

I always thought Pawlenty was fairly cruel in his methodology, but I guess I never took him for stupid. His latest pandering is making me wonder.


Video (from me) and photo coverage (from Jon) from the Datarock show from last week is now up over at Culture Bully.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Al Franken

Who knew? I guess he has been doing this for years, but it is new to me. Pretty, pretty, pretty good. (Say that in Larry David's voice for maximum results)

(H/T: Ezra Klein)

The Feelies

Pitchfork gave the two Feelies reissues, Crazy Rhythms and The Good Earth, 9.1 ratings, which is well deserved. Glad to see this great band getting some attention, even if it is a few decades late. If you have not checked out the band before, you would be well inclined to listen to these two highly influential and groundbreaking records.

Megafaun Interview

My interview with Bradley Cook from Megafaun is up over at Culture Bully. If you are around the cities tonight make sure to check out this great band, along with Minneapolis stalwarts Happy Apple, as they play at the Cedar Cultural Center. Music is at 7:30 and tickets are $10 at the door.

Time Lapse

Timelapse - Los Angeles Wildfire from Dan Blank on Vimeo.

Isn't it amazing the beauty that can come from destruction?

A perfect example is this time lapse of the massive smoke walls from the California wild fires from a few weeks ago.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Japandroids show

The funny thing about this photo is that by about 1:30 last night, well into Japandroids meltdown, Guitarist/Singer Brian King did just about everything short of setting things on fire. After awesome sets by Gospel Gossip and Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, Japandroids came out and were playing great for about 40 minutes. Then a combination of guitar difficulties, Gospel Gossip throwing shoes and socks onstage and too many shots led to a pretty epic disintegration. By the end the band sounded horrible and was rambling on about the North Stars and not wanting to end the set with a poorly executed song. So they played another poorly executed song. I think you get the idea.

Look for a much more detailed review on Culture Bully from Erik, along with some videos I took, including the final, painful moments of the otherwise great night.

Show Review

Check out my review of the Ramona Falls, Invisible Boy and Spiritual Mansions show from last Wednesday over at Culture Bully along with some great pics by Jon Behm.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hope I am not too late to get a seat in the Target Center.....

Brother Ali vidoes from the State Fair

Brother Ali w. Ant "Tight Rope" (MN State Fair 09-07-2009) from on Vimeo.

Brother Ali w. Ant "Good Lord" (MN State Fair 09-07-2009) from on Vimeo.

Brother Ali w. Ant "Fresh Air" (MN State Fair 09-07-2009) from on Vimeo.

Some videos I took from Brother Ali's live performance at the State Fair earlier this week that were originally posted over at Culture Bully.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lucy Michelle Review

Read my review of the new Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles LP, Special Party time for Everybody, over at Culture Bully.

Get off yr Ass (Brett Farve Mania Edition)

This is a weekly feature that takes away your lames excuse that there is "nothing going on" this weekend. So put away your sweatpants and slippers, put your Bud Light back in the fridge, take the Lost disc out of the DVD player and get off your ass and support live local music. If I missed any shows that are worth seeing, leave them in the comments. HAVE FUN!

Benefit for Rosie- Hexagon 9PM FREE
Benefit show for the wonderful staff member at the Hex featuring local bands Gleam, Tisdales and the Bill Patton Trio.

Regina Spektor- State Theatre
Quirky folk pop that was originally going to be at the Myth before they, you know, got $15 million in debt. The excellent Little Joy will be opening the show.

No Bird Sing- Eclipse Records
The great No Bird Sing will be celebrating the release of their debut album with two shows. The first show is an all ages show at Eclipse Records for the youngins.

Cave Singers- 400 Bar
The last time the Cave Singers were here, the played an amazing set opening for Dr. Dog. They will have a full set tonight and it should be great.

Solid Gold- Turf Club $10 9PM
The rising local band will play what will probably be a packed show Friday night.

Guystorm + Van Gobots + Pictures of Then + Camal of the Sea- Uptown Bar 9PM
A solid lineup of local bands, with the main focus on Van Gobots, who will be celebrating the release of their latest album.

Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps- 7th Street Entry
One of the best local bands around will be opening for My Serene Republic at the Entry.

Woods + Vampire Hands + Leisure Birds + Daughters of the Sun- Turf Club $7
One of the strongest, deepest lineups for a show I have seen in a while. 3 amazing local bands sharing the stage with Brooklyn based Woods, one of the leading bands in the current fuzzy, lo-fi movement.

Amazing Baby- 7th Street 9PM
Saw them open for Glasvegas when they played a pretty strong set of scuzzy rock and roll. Should fit in well in the Entry.

No Bird Sing- Triple Rock Social Club 9PM
Night two of No Bird Sing celebration, this time for the older (drunker) crowd at the Triple Rock.

Japandroids + Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band + Gospel Gossip- Turf Club $7
After an amazing lineup on Saturday night, the Turf is back again with an equally amazing lineup Sunday night. All three bands are great and it should be an excellent night of music.

Seems just about right

A nice guide to help you decide which shows to see this weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthers explained

Conservative Values

What. an. idiot.

If you missed out on the family values state legislator who got caught on tape talking in graphic details about (both!) his mistress, check out the initial story HERE.

He has since resigned. The story has it all, although it is getting a little old to tell at this point. Politicians who slams gay people as demeaning families and ruining the institution of marriage gets caught with his pants down....and his wife is nowhere to be found.
If you want to read more about this creep...just google Michael Duvall.

Lucinda Williams

Cool story from the Strib about the upcoming Lucina Williams show. The singer, who always puts on great shows and has a deep affection for First Avenue, will be stepping up the theatrics for her September 18th show.

She is getting married onstage.

Her future husband is from Minneapolis, so it makes a little sense, but it is still pretty wild.

Mallman Daytrotter

Mark Mallman gets a daytrotter session, which is awesome, but the picture for it is pretty brutal. They usually make pretty good artwork for each session, but this picture is ridiculous. He looks like a middle aged woman wearing a blue dress and a cut off jean vest. I got to believe they could have done at least a little better. Maybe Mallman was wearing a blue dress and cut off jean vest (I wouldn't be terribly surprised), but the fact that he looks like someones aunt is a little unsettling.

The session can be heard HERE.


7th Street Entry
Nov. 7th 2009

One of my favorite new bands from 2009 will finally be coming to Minneapolis for a show at the 7th Street Entry. Needless to say, this news is very, very exciting to me.

Should be an amazing show.


Free Energy
7th Street Entry
November 7th

Ex Hockey Night, glam rock, DFA signed band Free Energy come back to their old hometown for a show at the Entry. Should be very, very fun.

(H/T: More Cowbell)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Fuck You Abercrombie and Fitch.
In addition to being complete dicks to minorities and people with disabilities, they make stupid looking clothes for impressionable kids who don't know any better. The sooner America gets over it dumbfounded fascination with paying a shitload of money to advertise (for free!!) for these giant companies, the better. Whoever thought of putting brand names all over clothes was a)smart as hell and b)evil.

Solid Gold show Friday

Just saw that Solid Gold will be playing a last minute show at the Turf this Friday night for those of you who have not had a chance to see the local band slowly making it big.

Tickets are $10 for the 21+ show. Doors at 9PM.


Year 5 of the Doomtree Blowout at the First Ave Mainroom will be Saturday December 5th at 6PM. Tickets will set you back a paltry $15 for this 18+ show.

(H/T: Switchblade Comb)

Ah Holly Fam'ly

My write on on the song "All Unfolding," along with an MP3 of the track by the group Ah Holly Fam'ly, is up over at Culture Bully.