Friday, July 31, 2009

Fringe Festival

The always entertaining Fringe Festival is starting tonight (and going until next weekend), so go out and support local arts. The whole lineup can be found HERE.

King Khan new CD!

King Khan and the Shrines announcenew CD titled Invisible Girl! Coming out Novemeber 3rd! It's Friday!

Life is Good.

Starve the Children! It's for their own good!

Well, at least someone is giving our distinguished congresswomen a run for her money in the crazy statement department. While Bachmann at least keeps her rants to scary government monsters like the census, Missouri State Rep. Cynthia Davis shoots her dagger towards a government program feeding hungry children. I know what you are thinking...."greedy kids wanting to eat some more".....right? Well, if that was your first thought, Rep. Davis is your gal. In complaining about the program, she said this:

Bigger governmental programs take away our connectedness to the human family,
our brotherhood and our need for one another. [...] Anyone under 18 can be
eligible? Can’t they get a job during the summer by the time they are 16? Hunger can be a positive motivator.

The highlighted part blew my mind. You can't make stuff like that up.

Mason Dixon line....

The Birthers, the crazy people who don't believe Obama was born in the U.S (even though it has been irrefutably proven), still are getting attention from various outlets. The latest was a poll published by the Washington Monthly showing which areas of the country still believe this debunked rumor. I am sure you will shocked to know that the most educated and enlightened portion of our great Union, the South (or "the base" as the Republicans call it), leads the pack by healthy portion.
Pretty scary poll released today asking Republicans whether they believe Obama was born in the US.
Do you believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States of America
Yes - 42%
No - 28%
Not sure - 30%
That is 60%, or a majority,that either outright don't believe it or are on the fence. Wowza.

Vampire Hands Hannah in the Mansion Review

My review of the slow-growing, but excellent, new Vampire Hands record Hannah in the Mansion, is up over at Culture Bully.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Min. Wage

Kind of a depressing chart that shows the real value of Minimum wage over the last 70 years. Sure took a nose dive in the 80's, huh? Reaganomics again proves to be the gift that keeps on giving taking away. Glad to see it starting to climb again, but it still has a ways to go. Findings from Hennepin South Service Collaborative found that a single parent would need to make $19.57 to survive, while two parents raising two children would need to make $14.56 each to scrape by. The minimum wage, just raised for the first time in a decade, is now at $7.25....with a large majority of those jobs lacking any semblance of health insurance.

Kurt Vile "Overnite Religion"

Check out my short review (plus an MP3) of the first song from Kurt Vile's upcoming release Childish Prodigy. The hazy fuzz-pop song, titled "Overnite Religion," is a great introduction to Vile and has me excited to hear the new disc.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Future president Jindal?

I see big things from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. It takes a certain type of person (read: politician) to travel around their state trashing government spending while making pit stops to hand out giant fucking checks....from the government. It's a lot easier to get your message out when you talk out of both sides of your mouth, right Bob?

Flaming Lips @ Pitchfork

Check out the Culture Bully 4 Takes on the Flaming Lips excellent festival closing set at Pitchfork last weekend. In addition to the review, check it out for the stunning picutures from Jon (including the mind bender above) and some videos I shot during the show.

Legislator's Brawling

If you are anything like me (which for your sake I hope you are not), then watching elected officials brawling is something that never gets old. The latest was a dust up that happened last week in the South Korea Parliament, which featured one guy who jumped around like Spiderman (check out :54 from the video above).

The article in the Lede blog from the New York Times took this occasion to look back at other political brawls (why not, right?). They offer some great video, but this page from the UK paper the Mirror is even better. Check it out for videos from what they picked as the top 10 brawls ever. Good Stuff.

Pink Floyd Moon Landing Jam

Not quite sure how this has slipped through popular music history cracks, but as far as I know it has. (At least I had never heard of it)

When asked about what he was doing during the Apollo 11 space landing, David Gilmour said he was in "In a BBC studio jamming to the landing." For a band as hugely popular and legendary as Pink Floyd doing something like this and it not being a well known event is pretty staggering. The video is above and you can read more about it HERE.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Pretty interesting article from the Washington Post about book critics and how much they actually invest in any particular book. The main guy from the article, an economic professor named Tyler Cowen, only finishes 1 out of every 5-10 books he starts. Even with that rate, he finishes 1 book a day(!), which I find staggering.

I just got done reading the Joseph Heller political novel Good as Gold and I must admit, while it was pretty good, it was no Catch 22. While it was funny and engaging in parts, there were many moments in the 2.5 weeks I was reading it that I almost gave up on the book. I guess I am usually part of the camp that fights through tooth and nail to finish a book, but maybe I should rethink my strategy.

Whose debt is it?

Funny...I thought I heard from Fox News that the deficit was because of Obama....which doesn't seem to mesh with this chart. But that are fair and balanced, right?
More info about this subject HERE.

Drunk Kids...

Well...this is a stupid idea. The City Pages reported that the MPLS city council are trying to ban 18 plus shows because there is the chance of under 21 year old kids....gasp...drinking!! NO!!! Are there really that many 18 year old's sneaking around shows at First Avenue trying to drink $7 beers? And are concerts really the problem? Recalling back to the hazy days of being 18-20, I remember getting my Jack Daniels and High Life from places other than strangers at the Cabooze. While I really don't care about this (and frankly wouldn't mind the often annoying 18 y/o's stayed home), I think the City Council should be more concerned with bigger things, like fixing the giant ass potholes that are slowly destroying my car or banning the Mormons on bikes that harass people in my neighborhood.

Shatner on Palin


Jay Reatard Watch Me Fall Review

My review of the new Jay Reatard album Watch Me Fall is now up over at Culture Bully. Check it out, along with some great MP3's from the album, HERE.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Japandroids Review from Pitchfork

Check out Culture Bully (HERE) for my review of the awesome Japandroids set from the Pitchfork Music Festival. Check out the link for some great pics from Jon (including above) and a video of them playing "The Boys are Leaving Town" from their excellent debut album Post-Nothing.

Cave Singers Tour + MP3

The last time the Cave Singers were in town, opening for Dr. Dog, they played an amazing opening set that reminded me how great their debut album Invitation Songs was. The band announced plans for their sophomore album Welcome Joy, which will be hitting the streets on August 18th. Below are the two MP3's that are currently available for the album. The group also announced a headlining set in September at the 400 Bar, which should be a great show.

Cave Singers: Fri, 9/11 – Minneapolis MN – 400 Bar

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

What. The. Fuck.

Seriously, the passage below, highlighted by Brenden Nyhan at Pollstar, really sums up how bat shit crazy this lady is. I have been stone cold drunk before and made more sense. Nothing like building something up before you break it down with a non sensical argument. Really, what do soldiers have to do with reporters "lying" about Sarah Palin.

"First, some straight talk for some -- just some -- in the media because
another right protected for all of us [by the military] is freedom of the press.
You have such important jobs reporting facts and informing the electorate and
exerting power to influence. You represent what could and should be a respected,
honest profession that could and should be a cornerstone of our democracy.
Democracy depends on you and that's why our troops are willing to die for you.
So how about in honor of the American soldier you quit making things up?"

You Know who hates quitters most of all?? Quitters.

Now that Palin is gone for good (yeah right..), expect to hear even more from the caribou barbie. Joy. At least Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert will have job security...this lady is a gold mine for comedians. Here is a funny article comparing what Palin said about Hillary Clinton (basically to stop whining about being picked on) with what she said when she quit (she whined about being picked on).
As Ambrose Bierce said “Hypocrisy is prejudice with a halo.”
Sarah, please run for president in 2012...PLEASE.

Spoon "Is Love Forever"

Stereogum has some video of Spoon playing a new song, "Is Love Forever" which I re-posted above. Gotta love Spoon.

Goldman Sachs

I don't think this was what people were hoping for with the bailout. Some money quotes from Paul Krugman.

"The American economy remains in dire straits, with one worker in six
unemployed or underemployed. Yet Goldman Sachs just reported record quarterly
profits — and it’s preparing to hand out huge bonuses, comparable to what it was
paying before the crisis."

" tells us that Goldman is very good at what it does. Unfortunately, what
it does is bad for America."

"The bottom line is that Goldman’s blowout quarter is good news for Goldman and
the people who work there. It’s good news for financial superstars in general,
whose paychecks are rapidly climbing back to precrisis levels. But it’s bad news
for almost everyone else. "

It seems pretty clear that a "recovery" hasn't come to most of America, so I don't see any particular reason to be happy that the people who spearheaded the causes that led to the crisis are back rolling in the dough. It makes me think of the old saying that "insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." If investors like GS are allowed to run free again, it will only lead to more pain for everyone involved.

Two more Pitchfork reviews...

My reviews of the Thermals and Mae Shi's Sunday afternoons sets can be found HERE and HERE, respectively, over at Culture Bully. Jon Behm again made the review look pretty with his excellent photos (including the one above from the Thermals set).

Jacko on Fire

I may have been the last person in the world to see this video, but if there is in fact someone else out there who hasn't seen Micheal Jackson with his hair on fire, here it is for you. Also, the title of the video, "Pepsi Cola Murdered Micheal Jackson," may be slightly hyperbolic. They are saying that this incident caused the drugs/weirdness and led eventually to his death. I would say having a psycho, over-controlling dad who pimped you out pretty much from birth probably is as or more guilty than a soft drink, but that's just me.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wow...this awesome.

I don't really watch much late night TV (or any TV for that matter), but this awesome rant by Craig Ferguson makes me want to catch his show. The rant is titled "Young and Stupid" and is absolutely genius.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

One day in July

If noisy garage rock isn't your thing, head over to the One Day in July street festival going down this afternoon (or take a bike and go back and forth to both). Man, it is a good day for free, outdoor local music in Minneapolis. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

Grumpy's Block Party

A friendly reminder that this amazing, and free, event will be going down today from 4pm-10pm. If you are in or near Minneapolis, do yourself a favor and don't miss this great collection of local talent.

Grumpy's Downtown 4-10 PM FREE!
Blind Shake
Private Dancer
Gay Witch Abortion
The Evening Rig

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wilco Show Announcement

Roy Wilkins
Oct. 1st 7:30PM

(H/T Kyle)

Drunk vs. Yoga

Some funny stuff for your Friday morning. Here are some pictures comparing yoga poses and photos of drunk people. See...they are not passed out, they are just practicing their moves. More pictures HERE.

Plants and Animals @ Pitchfork

(Picture by Jon Behm for Culture Bully)

My review of excellent Plants and Animals set at Pitchfork is up over at Culture Bully. If you still have not heard the bands amazing debut album Parc Avenue, you need to stop reading this and head to the nearest (independent) record store and pick it up. You can thank me later.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cymbals Eat Guitar Pitchfork Review

(Pic by Jon Behm for

My review of the Cymbals Eat Guitars set at Pitchfork is up over at Culture Bully. The band, led by 20 year old singer/guitar shredder Joseph Ferocious, weren't the most polished band but still sounded good and showed a ton of promise. Their debut album, Why There Are Mountains, is out now and is well worth checking out.

Thank God For Jon Stewart

<td style='padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;' colspan='2'The Born Identity
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorJoke of the Day

Right around the 2:15 mark things get especially crazy. You have to believe that the Daily Show writers just love these people. I mean, you would have a hard time making this up if you tried.

Os Mutantes @ Cedar!

AWESOME news from the great folks at You Ain't No Picasso. Os Mutantes will be coming to the Cedar Cultural Center on Sept 26th. The video above, from the 2006 Pitchfork Festival, shows the band on their reunion tour. It was the first, and only,time I have seen the band, but I am very much looking forward to seeing what should be an amazing show.

Caroline Smith tonight at Mill City

Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps will be playing tonight in the ruins of the Mill City Museum. The show is from 6-8 and cost $5, whcih also includeds admission to the museum. My review of their debut album from Culture Bully from way back in November of 2008 can be found HERE.

Fat People are Expensive

(Cost of Health Care increases based on weight)

As much as we need Health Care Reform, what we really need is less McDonald's. I am not sure what warrants someone going from overweight to obese, but whatever that jump off point is really makes their health care cost skyrocket. It won't matter if we have the greatest health care system in the world if kids growing up today keep growing at the rate that they currently do. Maybe we finally have a sufficient argument for taxing junk food/pop/foods soaked in saturated fat.

The Antlers

( Picture by Jon Behm from

Check out my short write up about The Antlers amazing debut LP Hospice HERE and their great set at the Pitchfork Music Festival HERE, both up at Culture Bully. The review has an MP3 to the crushing "Two," which, like the rest of Hospice, is a crushing and dramatic song that tells the tale of a young child dying from cancer. Definitely not breezy summer music, but pretty stunning stuff.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clientele "I Wonder Who We Are"

Cool new song from the Clientele. They said in an interview with Pitchfork that the new album will be really dark, which is awesome, but this song sure isn't dark. Lead singer Alsadair MacLean said that "It's about watching yourself disappear." All I know is the first song released from the album doesn't sound like what I imagine it would sound like when someone disappear. Maybe it is a cultural thing, like calling french fries chips. Either way, Bonfire of the Heath comes out Oct. 6th on Matador.

Shoot me now

If this video isn't enough to sink both the current Republican ideology and auto-tune, I will officially lose hope for humanity. Lord knows we need more collage age d-bags in wife beaters (and no shirt at the end!) for guidance on fiscal policy. Especially when they sound like a robot.

Why? Tour

After announcing the title and release date for their upcoming album, Why? now has details about their upcoming national tour. Lucky for us, the group will be making a stop at the Triple Rock Social Club on Oct. 7th for a show. The show also includes local group Dark Dark Dark, who will be touring with Why? for the first leg of their tour. Tickets will be on sale soon. The video above is for "The Hollows" from last years Alopecia, which was one of my favorite songs of 2008.

Raveonettes @ First Ave

Monday, October 26
First Avenue Mainroom
8 PM $14 18+
with the Black Angels

I have only seen the Raveonettes once when they were opening for the Strokes at First Ave (a show which found both bands playing great sets), but the band has been pretty consistently great for the last few years. I was a little surprised to see them playing the Mainroom, but maybe they have more of a draw then I realize.


Great new track from Bradford Cox and the gang in Atlas Sound. The group is heavily assisted by Panda Bear on the Person Pitch sounding track. The song bubbles and bounces more than previous Atlas Sound recordings and also follows the lead Cox started on the last Deerhunter album. He says the new Atlas Sound disc, Logos, will be more expansive and warm, and the lead track seems to back up his words.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Red Stag Block Party

This was a good time last year until a crazy storm came and swept away the tents and caused the crowd to run for cover. Hopefully the weather will be a little better this year.
Saturday August 22nd 4-10:30pm. Free!
Roma di Luna
Black Blondie
Mark Mallman
MCs Foxy Tann
with Mary Lucia, the North Star Roller Girls, Familia Skateshop, Hula Hoop Contest, organic foods, drinks, and after party inside the Red Stag with Millions Billions + The Tendercakes

Michael Steele

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

Michael Steele, the leader of the Republican National Committee, said in an interview recently that he "doesn't do policy." This is like the Twins GM Bill Smith saying he "doesn't do baseball." While many people may think this is true (if he doesn't get bottom lineup & reliever help it may be), at least he is smart enough to keep his mouth closed.


Saw this last week and it is hilarious. Maybe not as good as Borat, but still great. If you haven't seen the two seasons of Da Ali G show on HBO from a few years back, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Shows Tonight

If you are looking to see some live music tonight, First Avenue is the place to be. In the Mainroom are the legendary Sonic Youth, with folkies Bowerbirds and Megafaun splitting the bill in the Entry. Megafaun are also celebrating the release of their latest album Gather, Form and Fly today, so I would bet the always entertaining band will have an extra spring in their step for their show tonight.

I'm Back

After a hectic but very fun weekend at Pitchfork, I am now back and will starting to post again more frequently. Check out Culture Bully for ongoing coverage of the festival.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cass McCombs

Never have been a huge Cass McCombs fan for whatever reason (I definitely think he is talented), but both this song and video are pretty beautiful.

31 Really Bad Wax Figures

(Yes, that is supposed to be the cast of Seinfeld)

Pretty Funny Stuff.

Dodo's Time to Die Review

My review of the slightly disapointing 3rd LP from the Dodo's, Time to Die, is up over at Culture Bully. Check it out HERE.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mountain Goats Show

The always great Mountain Goats will be playing at the Cedar Cultural Center on Saturday November 7th with Final Fantasy. Tickets are $18 and go on sale soon. Check out the two videos above to see why the Mountain Goats are so amazing.

Housing Chart

For people who are hoping to buy a house and flip it, take a look at this chart that highlights the housing bubble. I have a feeling the chart is going to keep heading back towards the '85-'97 levels (about 64%) and the people who are prospecting right now, expecting it to ever hit 69% again are going to be very disappointed.

Basilica Block Party Review

Check out my review of Tapes N Tapes and the Hold Steady at the Basilica Block Party up over at Culture Bully along with some cool videos of the great show.

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush look a little like he just got done saying "O'Doyle Bush Rules!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maybe it's not so bad....

As we grumble and groan about our jobs....remember it could be worse. Check out this photo set from workers in Indonesia mining a Sulfur pit. This excessively hard (and dangerous) work nets these people about $5 day. I don't care how much $5 is worth in Indonesia, that job looks horrible.

new Why?!!!

Why?'s last two albums, Elephant Eyelash and Alopecia, have both blown me (away..), so I am very excited to hear the band is coming out with a new record titled Eskimo Snow. Pitchfork has the first release from the record, "This Blackest Purse," out today. Have a listen, and if you missed out on their last two discs, do yourself a favor and check them out.

New Spoon "Is Love Forever"

You Ain't No Picasso has a video of a new Spoon song, "Is Love Forever," which I re-posted above. Anytime new Spoon comes out, it is a good day, although I still am disapointed with Get Nuffin, their latest EP.

Another very cool feature over at YANP is their collection of cover songs Spoon has played in the past, including some gems by Wolf Parade, the Kinks, Wire and Suicide (among others). Well worth your time.

Meat Puppets In-store

Wow...the Meat Puppets played 50 (!) minutes of scorching country fried acid rock last night at the Electric Fetus. If 50 minutes isn't a record for an in-store, I would like to know what is. In addition to the quantity, the quality from the grey bearded trio was amazing. Curt Kirkwood made his Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic sound more soulful and menacing than guys a 1/3 his age could. The guy is a monster on guitar, and a hell of a singer to boot. Cris Kirkwood (who gave an amusing interview on KFAN this morning) showed the high cost of his low living, but seemed joyed to be playing the Puppets great songs.

If last night was any indication, fans in St. Cloud are in for a treat with the bands in-store there tonight.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Meat Puppets TONIGHT @ Electric Fetus

If you missed the Meat Puppets show last night at the Entry, you will have another chance tonight. The reunited group, newly sober and back on the grind, will be playing an in-store at the Electric Fetus at 6 PM. For our out state friends, the band will be reprising their in-store performance Tuesday night at the Fetus in St. Cloud at 6PM. I can almost guarantee that the performance will look nothing like the video from above, so don't get your hopes up, but it should be cool none the less.

Scary Chart

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but this chart, mapping the current recession, is pretty damn scary. Let's hope it starts curling around and going up again sometime soon.

(Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan)

Brenden Benson

Stereogum recently posted the first new track, "Feel Like Taking You Home," from Brenden Benson's upcoming 4th LP My Old, Familiar Friend. Benson, who has been toiling along for nearly a decade making amazing power pop music, finally got his big break when his side band with buddy Jack White, the Raconteurs, hit it big last year. Hopefully this new disc will be as good as his last three and will finally get his solo work the credit it really deserves. If you haven't heard his old work, especially Lapalco and Alternative to Love, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

You Break it, you buy it....

The age old adage is used by NYT scripe Frank Rich is a good piece that looks over how Sarah Palin is seen as both a savior and a train wreck for the Republican Party, depending on who you ask. Either way, she isn't going away anytime soon and time will tell whether she is more Ronald Reagen or Barry Goldwater.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hold Steady

I'm excited to see the Holy Steady on the church stage at the Basilica Block Party tonight. I have a strong feeling that we are going to hear quite a bit from their broken Catholic opus Separation Sunday, including their amazing "How a Resurrection Really Feels."

Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama > T-Paw

Not good for a certain mulleted presidential candidate when a poll has you losing by 11 your home state. I am also proud to say that MN would right now vote Obama over Palin at a 56 to 35 percent rate, although I am concerned about who this 35 percent are. Probably the people who have voted Michelle Bachmann into office two times.

Funny Stuff

While it doesn't quite live up to Bubb Rubb and Little Sis or the Leprechaun in the Tree, this newscast is pretty awesome.

Whatever Works

I was hoping that the critics were wrong about Whatever Works. The movie, which combined two of my heroes, Woody Allen and Larry David (together at last!), has been getting panned as a warmed over Allen comedy that takes the easy way out. Unfortunately, I felt the same way. While Allen's scripts are always dark and witty (which I love), but this felt like it was on autopilot. Larry David is great (and basically the perfect manifestation of Allen's earlier neurotic characters), but even he couldn't bring this movie to live. I also could see how people who don't like David (which is blasphemous to me...but they are out there) would really hate this movie, as he is the focus of about 90% of the scenes. This movie made me want to go back and watch Annie Hall and Curb Your Enthusiasm and hope that both these guys come back with something more entertaining and lively in their next venture.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dent May in Mexican Restaurant

Yours Truly Presents: BANDITOS Episode 1 with Dent May & His Magnificent Ukelele from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Two things I enjoy immensely, Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele and Mexican food, are together at last. Check out this cool video for what will apparently be an ongoing series.

Michael Yonkers & the Blind Shake "Cold Town/Soft Zodiak"

My review of the amazing new Blind Shake & Michael Yonkers split LP Cold Town/Soft Zodiac is up and running over at Culture Bully. Check out the review and two tracks from the disc HERE. Don't forget about that amazing CD Release show, which should not be missed, that I mentioned the other day. Good Times.

Royal Alberta Advantage "Frank, AB"

The Royal Albert Advantage released Hometowns this Tuesday, and I did a short write up of the song "Frank, AB" over at Culture Bully. Check out the MP3 and the review HERE.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Strange life and death of Bobby Mac

It is always strange when the villain dies (and no, I am not talking about Micheal Jackson). Do grudges supersede the general tepid tone that is normally reserved for those departed, or is death not enough to dampen heated spirits? The strange limbo between respect for the dead and genuine anger from many people collided last week with the death of former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. In a strange, and for him unfortunate, twist of fate, McNamara was a man equally hated by people of all political stripes. I guess being pegged with orchestrating what has posthumously been generally thought to be an unnecessary and cruel death march for nearly 60,000 US soldiers (and literally millions of SE Asians) will put you in that position. For a man who spent the last 30 years of his life somberly, and humbly, apologizing for what he readily admitted was a egregious mistake, hopefully death will finally allow him a little peace. For more on the unique brand of hatred that McNamara attracted and why it may not be completely correct, read this great Salon article.


Don't miss No Age, along with the always excellent Gay Witch Abortion and Knife World, for a free show at the 501 club.

Beck + Velvet Underground

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico 'Sunday Morning' from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico "Femme Fatale" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

After posting Beck Hansen and gang's cover of "Sunday Morning" from his Classic Album project, I lost track of the site for a little bit. Silly me. Here are the next two videos, the awesome "I'm Waiting for the Man" and "Femme Fatale." I will keep an eye out for more videos as they come out.

One Day in July

Chris reminded me about the very cool event that will be happening in a few weeks in Minneapolis. It is the same day as Grumpy's outdoor fest, but they are close enough that people shold be able to bounce back and forth. Read more about this event HERE.

ONE DAY IN JULYA Street Festival for the Working Class
Remembering 1934--When Minneapolis Became a Union Town.
Saturday, July 25,
7th Av N & 3rd St N, Minneapolis Warehouse District
FREE - 2 PM to 10 PM

- Brother Ali featuring BK One
- El Guante
- Mic Crenshaw
- The Brass Kings
- Ellis
- 2 Tone Runts
- City on the Make
- Best Bitch in Show

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Joe the Plummer, Ph.D

Some more sage advice from the the new voice of the Republican Party, noted polymath Joe the Plumber. Adding to the high level discourse circling the immigration reform battle right now, Joe eloquently laid his position down this last weekend saying:

Get them the hell out of our damn country and close the borders down. We can
do it. We’ve got the greatest military in the world and you’re telling me we can’t close our borders?

For all of the reasons that this is wrong, not including the fact that it coming from a huge bigot, check out the original Think Progress article HERE. This man was standing on the stage with McCain and Palin as they campaigned to be the PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA less than one year ago. The really scary part is that he wasn't the most backwards person of the three main people on the stage during those rallies. If you live by the quote "You're as good as the company you keep," John McCain is in real trouble.
Luckily for Joe and fellow rabble rousers, none of their families were immigran....wait, whats that you say?