Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hate to be the lazy asshole, but I just haven't had the energy to put together a Get off Yr Ass for tonight, so check out City Pages for what they think you should do. Lots of really fun stuff.

Check it out HERE.

Happy New Years to you and yours. Have fun and be safe!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Albums of the Decade

Culture Bully is on the record with our favorite albums of this last decade. The choices from the 5 staff participating as their favorites? Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf (Chris), Beck Sea Change (Erik), Beirut Gulag Orkestar (Jon), Lightning Bolt Ride The Skies (Adam), Panda Bear Person Pitch (yours truly).

Check out everyones top 10 HERE.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I wonder if this will sell out...

The current radio Deity of medium-connected music fans, 89.3 The Current, is throwing itself a birthday party at First Ave to celebrate 5 years of being on the air. While the last few years have been a little sketchy, the station has been a pretty nice addition to the local scene and has rewarded itself with a lineup that will surely get a packed house in the door at the Mainroom. Now if they could just go back to not playing the same songs over and over, life would be good.

January 29th
Age: 18+
$6 for members / $12 for non-members

Ticketmaster + Live Nation = Trouble

I have gotten a few emails from different groups drumming up opposition support to work against the possible merger or Ticketmaster and Live Nation, which would essentially make them a concert ticket monopoly. This would be bad. You think that ticket fee's are outrageous right now? Wait until this merger happens. Here is the quote from the organizations and the email where you can voice your displeasure.

There's a train wreck about to happen and consumer groups say YOU will be the
victim - if the two most powerful corporate interests in the live concert business get their way. But you can help stop the merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation. The government needs to hear from music fans now. Tell the Department of Justice that you're against these monopolies amassing illegal power over consumers, before it's too late. As a concertgoer you have already felt the pain, and if Ticketmaster and Live Nation get their way, it'll get worse. In the last 12 years, since Live Nation and its predecessor started its widespread take over of the concert industry, concert tickets have shot up 82% while the consumer price index has gone up just 17%*. We are concerned that if the two concert industry behemoths, Live Nation and Ticketmaster, were permitted to merge, the variety and quality of artists coming to local venues would be affected, and your prices could rise further and faster.

If you enjoy going to see concerts, this will be something that will affect you, so don't remain silent. If everyone who goes to shows and doesn't want to see ticket prices skyrocket even more takes the 5 minutes to write an email, we could make a difference.

Best Songs of the Decade

Culture Bully pulls together their favorite songs of the decade. You can find the lists, along with some MP3's of the songs, HERE.

Monday, December 28, 2009

11th Dimension

One of my favorite songs of 2009 has been treated to an "official" video.

Underwater Peoples Winter Mix

The great Underwater Peoples record label released a collection of their artists earlier this year that I reviewed over at Culture Bully. The disc that was hands down my favorite compilation of the year and turned me on to quite a few of my favorite new artists. On Christmas Day, they partnered with the well connected blog Chocolate Bobka to release a "winter mix" for the always appealing price of $0.00. The mix features their usual solid lineup of musicians and is highly recommended.

Download the mix from the CB website for free HERE.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


The Iranian protests following the corrupt election has been one of the most engaging and fascinating stories this year. After the death of a pro-reform cleric this last week, a new wave of protests has begun in the streets. Both the New York Times blog the Lede and Andrew Sullivan and the gang over at The Daily Dish have been keeping a close eye on the events and sharing videos, photos and stories that they are receiving. It really is remarkable stuff. I can't imagine how terrifying it must be to take to the street to fight for what you know is right knowing that beatings and death are very realistic possibility. Best of luck to these brave people. No matter how volatile our political landscape can be, be thankful that we have a bedrock of democratic freedoms and don't have to risk our lives to have the freedoms we often take for granted.


Alec Ounsworth
400 Bar
Feb 23rd

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah frontman Alec Ounsworth will be coming to the Twin Cities for a show in support of his two solo albums released this year. Not sure if he will bust out any CYHSY jams, but I am guessing he will play one or two.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas?

At least you can be thankful you aren't this guy. This video from Puck Daddy's most embarrassing moments from the NHL of the last 10 years really is something you have to see to believe.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Here is my favorite Christmas song of all time. Hope you have a great time today and are able to spend some time with friends/family. If you are traveling be safe!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Lord

Newt Gingrich said last month that if the Republicans get back control of the house he believes Michelle Bachmann will be chairing a committee. Chairman of a committee in the second most powerful deliberating body in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! If that isn't enough incentive for the Sixth District, where she is apparently leading in the polls, I don't really know what to say.

Ricky Gervais

While I am a little skeptical that it is an animated series, I am happy to hear Ricky Gervais, the genius behind the BBC Office and Extras, will be making his return to TV. The show, cleverly titled "The Ricky Gervais Show," will debut on HBO on Feb 19th.

(H/T: The Daily Beast)

Health Care

The Senate is poised to take a final roll call on their health care bill tomorrow, which means it is only a few steps away from becoming law. Ensuring that the people of our country have health care should not have taken so long, but it will be a proud day in America when Obama signs this into law. There is a lot of work to do to improve the bill in the coming years, but the charts above show just how great this legislation really is, even stripped of some of its most powerful mechanisms.

Best Albums of 2009

Wondering what the guys from Culture Bully thought were the best albums of 2009? No? Well, I didn't expect you to say that...

If you change your mind and you are looking for some cool tunes to grab as stocking stuffers for the hipster in your life, check out our lists and see if there are any LP's you may have missed this year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My high expectations were met with this quirky documentary that follows around a washed up metal band who never quite got their big break. It really felt like they had overlapped the theme, feeling, timbre of American Movie in the context of a failed 80's metal band. The two men that were the centerpiece of the movie meant well and had their hearts in the right place, but they simply seemed like they could not understand that maybe their chance had passed them up. It was funny on the surface, but there was a distinctly depressing undercurrent that swept throughout the movie. Well worth your time.

Scuzzy Christmas

Now this is a Christmas song I can go for. Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls with the fellas from Crocodiles team up to release a song on Stereogum called "Merry Christmas, Baby (Please Don't Die)". Not quite "Give Peace a Chance," but it's a different time, ya know?

Rahm Emanuel

With every passing event in the political world, you always seem to hear about this mystical and all powerful Rahm Emanuel pulling the levers behind the scenes. Over the last few months I have been thumbing my way through a biography of Emanuel in regards to his work bringing the Democrats back to power in the house during the tidal wave of 2006. I have to say that I am still undecided if I met him whether I would want to ask for his autograph or punch him in the face. While I respect his inclination to not take shit from anyone, I sometimes feel that "winning" is the end all and be all in his world, even if the results aren't that great and he allowed the goal posts to be moved to ensure that he "won." I guess I am willing to listen to an argument, but it seems to me that if you get person X to win an election for your party and he only believes in half of the things that you talk about accomplishing, it is a tainted victory at best.

I suppose you have a voice on the 50% of the issues you agree on, but as we have seen with health care, these people suddenly take on an inordinate amount of power and literally suck out huge portions of what progressives want. When you bend to a certain sub-sect of political ideology, in this case the "Blue Dog Democrats," you are chaining yourself to them for every future political band you embark on.

The book, The Thumpin, gets across loudly and clearly how Emanuel is excellent at what he does, which in this case is winning elections. Whether you agree the end justifies the means in this case (and other moments in his well documented political career) is up to you.

Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls- "untitled" from the great pumpkin on Vimeo.

The start of 2010 is going to be pretty ridiculous with all of the great new music that is set to drop, but one band that is so far flying under the radar is scuzzy female fronted garage rockers Dum Dum Girls, who will be releasing their debut record I Will Be on Sub Pop in March. Above is a video from GvB of one of the prospective songs from the disc, with another below in MP3 form. I have a feeling you will be hearing their name a lot more as the year progresses.

Dum Dum Girls- Baby Don't Go Mp3 (from Gorilla Vs Bear)

Pizza Delivery Guy

A good reminder to check your pizza before the dude drives away with your cash.

(H/T: Failblog)

Broken Bells

Ever wondered what Danger Mouse and James Mercer from the Shins would sound like? Apparently a lot of people also feel that same way about the new band, who work under the moniker Broken Bells. Well folks, it is time to find out. Click here, give them your email address and you ears will be graced with the sounds of these two fine gentleman's music with their first song "The High Road."

(H/T: P-Fork)

Monday, December 21, 2009


While it did a good job of presenting a different side than we are used to seeing and did a adequate job of infusing a somber narrative arch to a story often seen as one dimensional (read: Crazy dude doing crazy stuff), Tyson just didn't do it for me.

No Concert is this good.

(H/T: Failblog)

Best Songs of 2009

Culture Bully has a post with our favorite songs from the last year of the 00's. Check out the lists and give the songs a listen if they are new to you.

John Frusciante

Pitchfork reports that John Frusciante has left the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is a bummer. He definitely was my favorite member of a band that has slowly faded over the years and the one member that always made me think that they still could put out new, great material. If you haven't heard Frusciante's solo work, especially the really great To Record only Water for 10 Days, go back and check it out.

The video above is Frusciante performing To Record Only Water for 10 Days standout "Fallout."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What's Good? (Sun Dec. 20th)

If you aren't watching the Vikings game tonight, there are a few good shows for you to check out around the Twin Cities.

Super X-Mas Party- 501 Club
Christmas show featuring great local bands (or members of bands) Sun in the Satellite, Moonstone, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, The Nightinghales, Me and My Arrow and Telepathos.

Romantica- Cedar Cultural Center
Local alt country mainstays will be celebrating the release of their brand new EP that they wrote/recorded in one day this year at SXSW in Austin.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Retribution Gospel Choir

Good opportunity to see Low frontman Alan Sparhawk's excellent side project Retribution Gospel Choir tonight. They will be playing along with buzzing local group Whitesands/Badlands at the 501 for the nice price of free. The song below is from the upcoming RGC CD.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lifter Puller

Nice to see Lifter Puller getting some attention, even if it is long overdue. The video above is from Pitchfork and finds Lifter Puller playing some tunes at my Alma Mater. Wish I had been older than 14 when they were in their prime.

Get off Yr Ass (next week is X-Mas and there are about a million great local shows edition)

This is a weekly feature that takes away your lames excuse that there is "nothing going on" this weekend. So put away your sweatpants and slippers, put your Bud Light back in the fridge, take the Lost disc out of the DVD player and get off your ass and support live local music. If I missed any shows that are worth seeing, leave them in the comments. HAVE FUN!

Dosh + Skoal Kodiak- Cedar Cultural Center
Dosh's yearly amazing show this year is even better as local weirdo rockers Skoal Kodiak will really shake up the Cedar with their great music.

Legal Aid Benefit- 7th Street Entry
Little Man, Kill the Vultures, Alicia Wiley, Ada Jane and the Alpha Centauri. Great organization gets support from some really great local bands.

Great Holiday Cover-Up- First Ave
Belfast Cowboys playing Van Morrison, E.L.n'O playing, well, E.L.O and Big Trouble playing Beatles.

Joey Ryan & the Inks + Yer Cronies- TRSC
Four solid local bands (headlined by the two above) provide the soundtrack at the Triple Rock tonight. It also serves as the CD Release show for Joey Ryan and the Inks.

Teenage Moods + Daughters of the Sun- Turf Club
More great local music, this time more scuzzy and psychedelic rock and roll.

The Evening Rig + Birds of Virgina + Cars and Trucks- Sauce
Even more local music, this time featuring the alt country side of the rock and roll coin.

Learning Curve Records X-Mas Party- Triple Rock (Late)

The always great LC records label is throwing a Christmas party. I have a strong feeling that it won't be a sing along by the fire. Bands playing include Gay Witch Abortion, The Blind Shake, Seawhores (in the old bar) and the Deaf.

Mason Jennings + The Pines- First Ave

Formerly local singer songwriter will be supporting his return to form CD with help from rising folksters The Pines.

Retribution Gospel Choir + Whitesands/Badlands- 501 Club

Alan Sparhawk brings his non-Low group back home for a free show at the 501. Opening are the great WS/BS, whose atmospheric music swells and pulses live and will serve as really great openers.

Bunny Clogs/ The Honeydogs- Cedar Cultural Center

Adam Levy does double duty at the Cedar. At 11 in the morning he will play for the kiddies under his Bunny Clogs moniker while that evening he plays a set for the grown ups with his always great Honeydogs band backing him up.

A Night in the Box + We All Have Hooks for Hands + Total Babe- Triple Rock (Early Show)

The early show at the Triple Rock again shows the wealth of local music we have in the Twin Cities. WAHHFH may not be from Minnesota per say, but they are like Poison Control Center in that they have somehow become absorbed into the scene.

First Communion Afterparty + Red Pens- Turf Club

The current biggest buzz band (Red Pens) playing with a buzz band from years gone past (FCAP) for about the 27th great local show this weekend. Really, there is no excuse to not see great music this weekend.

The Magnolias + Tisdales- 7th Street Entry
Alt country mainstays bringing the noise to the entry on a Saturday night. Might be a little different clientele than Too Much Love draws next door.

Rae with the Roots

Still don't like Jimmy Fallon much, but I'll be damned if the Roots don't drop musical gems at least a couple times a week. Hearing them back Raekwon on this song from Only Built for the Cuban Linx II with an extra verse by Black Thought is very awesome.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keep your head up

(H/T: Very Demotivational)

Whats Good? (Thursday Dec 17th)

Really great local show tonight at Sauce in Uptown. All four bands on the bill are solid, so if you are looking for something to do and have $3 to burn, head up Lyndale and check out some great local bands.

I'm not sure the order, but the bands are Sharp Teeth, Kill to Kill, Brute Heart and Moonstone. Music starts at 9:30.


Ruby Suns + Tora Y Moi
Turf Club

Two world influenced bands will be playing together this spring at the Turf Club for what should be a great show. I have enjoyed the Ruby Suns both times I have seen them (the last time being opening for the Dodo's) and I am really digging Tora Y Moi's debut disc, so definitely mark this one down on your calender.

Chuck Norris

It was all fun and games joking around about how crazy Chuck Norris was, but when he says stuff like this:

"What would have happened if Mother Mary had been covered by Obamacare? What if that young, poor and uninsured teenage woman had been provided the federal funds (via Obamacare) and facilities (via Planned Parenthood, etc.) to avoid the ridicule, ostracizing, persecution and possible stoning because of her
out-of-wedlock pregnancy? Imagine all the great souls who could have been erased
from history and the influence of mankind if their parents had been as
progressive as Washington¹s wise men and women! Will Obamacare morph into
Herodcare for the unborn?," -Chuck Norris, Human Events. have to wonder whether we should hold back from making fun of him, since he clearly is off his rocker.
(H/T: Daily Dish)

March for Homeless

131 people died on the streets of Minneapolis last year because they had nowhere to stay. That is preposterous. There is a march this afternoon to say to the powers that be that this shouldn't happen in the richest nation in the world. If people want to talk about how great America is, they should be willing to support the members of our society who are at their lowest point. That might mean, gasp, spending some money, but I don't think that helping someone get a safe and warm place to stay so they don't die is socialism, I think that is being a decent human being.

The schedule of events:
5 p.m. — March and Silent Vigil starts at the Hennepin County Government Center at Third Avenue and Fifth Street in downtown Minneapolis. The march follows Fifth Street west to Nicollet Avenue and proceeds south to 28th Street.
6:30 p.m. — Service of Remembrance at Simpson United Methodist Church, 2740 First Ave. S., with speaker Monica Nilsson, director of outreach for St. Stephen's Human Services, president of the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless and longtime advocate for the homeless community.
7:30 p.m. — Community Meal at Simpson Shelter in the basement of Simpson Church.

Best Shows of 2009

Head over to Culture Bully for lists from Jon, Erik and myself ranking our favorite live shows of the year. We go to lots of shows, so it is interesting to see what everyone really liked. Hopefully 2010 will be as great for shows as 2009.


Man, I dislike Joe Lieberman. So do a lot of people. One of those people, Gail Collins, just happens to write for the worlds most prestigious soap boxes in the world. It is funny seeing a smackdown questioning a politicians integrity and intelligence on such a high brow publication like the New York Times Opinion page. All you gotta do to make it stop Joe is to quit being such a condescending jerk, but I don't think anyone is holding their breath.

Check the article HERE.

Let it Be

Check out a great article celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Replacement's game changing Let it Be record. As the author points out, in addition to mainstream giants like Born in the USA, Thriller and Like a Virgin, 1984 was a great year for indie music:
In 1984 alone, in quick succession, the hungry cognoscenti got Double Nickels on the Dime by the Minutemen, Meat Puppets II, Husker Du's Zen Arcade, the Smiths' debut album, and R.E.M.'s Reckoning.
He then smartly goes on to say that
Let It Be is arguably the finest of the lot, and also the decade.
Read the whole thing HERE.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Taken By Trees + El Perro Del Mar
Cedar Cultural Center

These two golden voiced songstresses will be coming to the warm confines of the Cedar Cultural Center on what will be a cold February night. Should be a great show.

Ever have one of those days...

...where you know what this kid feels like? Me too.
(H/T: Failblog)

Free Anni Rossi Christmas EP

If you like swooning female fronted folk rock and also love Christmas, today might be the best day of your life. Anni Rossi is giving away a free Christmas EP over at her website (well, you have to sign up for her fan list, but that is a meager price to pay).

Check out her website for more details HERE.

New Midlake

We haven't heard from Midlake for over 3 years, when their excellent Trials Of Van Occupanther dropped and brought our love of the 70's back to the foreground. They have announced 2010 will find them releasing that albums follow up in the form of The Courage Of Others . They apparently were working 40 hours a week on this disc, and the first two songs leaked off the album show the fruits of their labor. Check out both songs, plus some "oldies but goodies," over at Hype Machine. The Courage of Others drops on Feb 2nd.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MN vs SD

With my admiration for our Senior Senator sinking with each week, I am buoyed by our smart and audacious Freshman Senator reminding his colleague from the West that "We're Not Entitled to Our Own Facts."

Nicely done Al.


Varsity Theatre

Yeasayer will be coming back to Minneapolis for a show next spring at the Varsity Theatre supporting their wild new disc Odd Blood. They are an excellent live band and the new tracks should sound great mixed with the old classics.

Top Albums That Should Have Been Great But Weren't

HERE is the latest in Culture Bully's year end lists. It finds us talking about the 5 albums that let us down or were over rated in our eyes over this last year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Wedding Ever

I was at a wedding this weekend that completely ignored the horrible crap that is usually played at weddings ("Chicken Dance," "Electric Slide," ect) in favor of, well, good music. It was mind blowing to hear good songs like "Rebellion (Lies)" by Arcade Fire, "Paper Planes" by M.I.A and "Wolf Like Me" by TV on the Radio. There may have been more, but by the end the free Crown Royal made everything a little fuzzy. This should serve as notice to people planning weddings in the future as the dance floor was full the whole night and they didn't rely on any garbage, cookie-cutter-lowest-common-denominator music.

Oh, and congrats to my cousin and his new wife!

Best of the Decade (The Knife Deep Cuts)

Although Kid A seems to get all the attention as the electro tinged album that really made a dent in the 00's, I would argue that the amazing Deep Cuts by Swedish brother/sister dup The Knife is really an equally stunning album. The LP is dark, sheik and coolly collected in a way that very few other albums are. It is both sexy and beautiful in a haunting way, with both Olof and Karin Dreijer singing over cold, melodic electronic flourishes. The brother-sister combo work to create the darkly hypnotic music and supplement their shimmering soundscapes with their haunted and tranquil vocal workings. The disc was released in staggers, starting in their home country of Sweden in 2003 and eventually being officially released in America in 2006. The disc is highlighted by the bands 1-2 punch of “Heartbeats” and “Pass It On,” both striking beautiful (in a completely meticulous way) songs that show the depths electronic pop music can go. They followed the disc up with the equally great Silent Shout, but Deep Cuts still is the album that I find myself being stunned by its majestic beauty each time I put it on.


Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
First Ave
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists will be releasing their latest album, The Brutalist Bricks, on March 9th and will be touring to support the disc. The venerable punk band will be making a stop at First Ave a week later (March 15th to be exact) for one of their well known, high energy shows.


Saw Precious last week and it was a great (and crushingly sad) movie. I have heard from people that, as usual, the book (Push) was better than the movie, but this was my first experience with the material and it was a compelling and eye opening experience.

First Ave Best New Bands

Every year First Avenue gathers the "best new bands" to perform a marathon show at the Mainroom in the darkness of winter as a preview for the upcoming local music year. They announced the bands for the 2010 year last week and it has many of my favorite young bands on the bill(listed below). The only change I would make is switching Twilight Hours for Brute Heart. The show is on January 15th and should be a really great night.

Top local Albums of 2009

Jon, Chris and myself compiled our list of best local albums of 2009, which can be found right HERE. For those of you who aren't patient, I picked Red Pens Reasons as my choice, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has followed the site this year.

Harlem "Hippies"

Harlem burst onto the scene last year with the infectious garage rock on their debut LP, Free Drugs (which included the great song "South of France"). They have subsequently signed to Matador and are prepping to release their next album, Hippies, on April 6th. Below are some covers the band did courtesy of Aquarium Drunkard and a preview MP3 from Hippies from the Matablog. All songs have me excited and hopeful that Hippies will be as great as Free Drugs.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Maybe that shoe wasn't so bad...

Here is a video of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi being hit in the face with a statue that someone threw at him after a political rally this weekend. It broke his nose and busted a few of his teeth. Pretty crazy stuff.

Paying the Pirates

Matt Yglesias directed people to a really interesting piece about the lavish lifestyles of the pirates. Ygelsias wonders whether we should just pay off the Pirates off the coast of Somalia before they even strike since we end up paying them anyways. It would cost the same and it would stop disrupting so many ships. Interesting idea to say the least, although it would sink faster than a bullet ridden pirate dingy if it were ever proposed before our chickenhawk congress.

The xx live

The xx "Crystalise" @ Triple Rock Social Club 11/30/2009 from on Vimeo.

My review of the striking and powerful Minneapolis live debut of London based 3 piece The xx is up over at Culture Bully. The review, plus a few more videos like the one above, can be found HERE. If you have still not checked out the young bands debut, self titled LP released earlier this year, you should.

As mentioned before, they will be back as part of an amazing double bill with jj this spring at the Varsity. Should be a great show.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big Pink Live

I wasn't won over by the Big Pink live a few weeks back (I left a few songs in), but I seemed to be in the minority of the sold out crowd. The video above is the bands intro song from that performance at the said Entry show. The group will be back at the much large Mainroom on Thursday March 18th with noisy rockers A Place to Bury Strangers, which should provide another excellent opening set for the Big Pink (Crystal Antlers killed opening for them at the Entry).

Not sure if this will sell out..I guess it all depends on if the Current keeps playing them to death.

Nice Move...

If you get pulled over this weekend, here is a free cool move to try out.

Crystal Antlers

Crystal Antlers absolutely killed a few weeks back when they opened for Big Pink. The band, who also were awesome in a headlining slot a while back at the Triple Rock, are a truly incendiary live act, even if their debut LP didn't live up to the hype that their scathing EP created. If/When they roll back into town again, check out these manic garage rockers, you won't be disappointed.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Andrew Bird @ St. Marks Church

I said in my weekly Get Off Yr Ass feature, and I will repeat here, if you can find a way into the Andrew Bird shows either tonight or tomorrow, DO IT. I am not the worlds biggest Bird fan, but holy moly, what an amazing show. Such beautiful music in such a beautiful venue. It was a show that left me with chills multiple times. Read my review and catch a couple more of Jon's stunning photos HERE.

RIP Flight of the Concords

Weak Sauce. Stereogum reports that Flight of the Concords is done. I guess Bret and Jermaine are doomed to be stuck in New Zealand as farmers.

Toro Y Moi "Causers of This"

There will be lots of big name releases (Spoon, Eels, Beach House, Magnetic Fields, Yeasayer, Vampire Weekend, Hot Chip, Field Music, Lightspeed Champion, Shout Out Louds), but one band that may be, but shouldn't be, overlooked is the Tora y Moi. Sounding like a blissed out Animal Collective, the South Carolina natives debut LP Causers of This, is a great disc that will bring some great sounds of summer to the dark days of winter. It is a confident and densely melodic affair that sounds years beyond what one would expect from this young man. Check out the lead single "Blessa" below for an idea of what he is all about.

Tora Y Moi- Blessa MP3

Best of the Decade (Besnard Lakes)

Here is my write up about the Besnard Lake's 2007 album The Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse for part of the Best of the Decade feature. A perfect album to put on late at night as you are trying to relax.

Get off yr Ass (and dress warm edition)

This is a weekly feature that takes away your lames excuse that there is "nothing going on" this weekend. So put away your sweatpants and slippers, put your Bud Light back in the fridge, take the Lost disc out of the DVD player and get off your ass and support live local music. If I missed any shows that are worth seeing, leave them in the comments. HAVE FUN!

Andrew Bird- St. Marks
If you can sneak your way it. Thursdays show was amazing.

Heiruspecs + Black Blondie- The Whole
Some great hip hop and R&B/Soul coming to the U of M campus.
No Bird Sing + Peter Wolf Crier + Aby Wolf- Turf Club
Solid local bill I posted about the other day. Go out and support our great local scene.

A Cold Night for Alligators (Roky Erikson Tribute)- 331 Club
Roky Erikson, the genius behind the 13th Floor Elevators, will be celebrated tonight at the 331, and so he should be.

Guante + Big Cats! + No Bird Sing + Kristoff Krane- Bedlam Theatre
WHG favorite Guante is one of the very best rappers on the local scene and will be celebrating his excellent new album with Big Cats!, An Unwelcome Guest, with some other great local hip hop acts at this great West Bank venue.
Lookbook- 7th Street Entry
Lookbook will be capping off their big year with the release show for their new remix EP.
Andrew Bird- St. Marks Church
If you can sneak your way it. Thursdays show was amazing.

So it is christmas...

I am pretty much a Christmas Scrooge, but I would be remiss not to mention the good folks in Fucked Up getting together all their cool indie rock friends to redo "Don't They Know It's Christmas" for some great Charities. Read more about it HERE.

Pitchfork also has the edited (read: shorter) initial MP3 for the massive Lindstrom "Little Drummer Boy" 40 minute song he is releasing.

Maybe Christmas isn't so bad.

Stupid Arguments

Here is an article from the New Republic debating whether we should take the extra TARP money should be used to pay down the debt or to help create jobs. These "blue dog" democrats and fiscally conservative Republicans must have their heads so far up their asses to even think this should even be debated. We are at 10% unemployment and if they ever left their perches and saw what that does to entire communities I think it would be pretty clear what needs to/should be done. What good does paying down the debt do when you have millions of people who have need assistance because they literally have nothing else? Won't that get added on to the debt? Don't people working pay taxes and become much more productive members of society?

Local Natives

Local Natives recently opened for the Fool's Gold/Edward Sharpe show and put on a solid set of indie-world music that really started the show off well (including the video above). Their debut album, Gorilla Manor, will be out on French Kiss Records on February 16th and will be followed by a world tour. I will update if/when the first single is released.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Andrew Bird TONIGHT

Heading out to see Andrew Bird tonight performing as part of his Gezelleghied Concert series at the St. Mark's Church in Uptown. Never seen a show, let alone a solo/acoustic/instrumental show from a fiddling whistler, in a church, so it should be interesting.

This is what he really means

(H/T: Very Demotivational)

Roots + Dirty Projectors

My poor RSS feed, constantly neglected, only to hold gems like this video from Stereogum when I dig into my backlog. If you haven't seen this video yet, this is the Roots joining the Dirty Projectors on their stunning jam "Stillness is the Move" last month in New York City.

Wonderful stuff.

School Lunch

USA Today has a story out that says that the meat bought for school lunches by the Federal Government would often not meet the basic requirements of places like Jack in the Box and McDonald's. Coming from someone who has gotten food poisoning from McDonald's, that is truly a horrifying story. I don't remember is being that bad, but maybe my memory is going at my old age.