Saturday, January 19, 2008

Best New Bands Showcase 1st Ave 1/18/2008

Thoughts from the Best new Bands showcase.....1. My respect for Gospel Gossip and Mouthful of Bees(already very high in both cases) continued to rise. They are both young and impressive bands. I could see both doing what very few bands from MPLS do, which is break onto the national scene. I think Gospel Gossips CD Sing into My Mouth is better than Mouthful of Bees The End, but I think in terms of an overall band (live, studio work, potential for future projects) it would be impossible to say there are any bands in MPLS who have as bright of future as Mouthful of Bees. PS Long live girl who can rock out. The lead singer of Gospel Gossip and the drummer from Mouthful of Bees should start and band and become the Sleater Kinney of the Midwest.

2. I was very impressed with the diversity of the show. It was nice seeing a show that had no overarching theme other than good local music. It is too often that it seems like promoters pander to peoples listening comfort zone and book openers that are no different than the headliner. There were a couple bands (M.anifest, Gay Witch Abortion) who I had wanted to see , but I was not keen on seeing an entire night of rap or heavy instrumental music. Both proved to be very good at what they did(Ghana immigrant rapper mixing indie/mainstream hip-hop with a positive message/two guys playing heavy and loud rock and roll on guitar and drums....LOUD), while neither blew me away. I was glad I could see them in a 40 minute set that was sandwiched by bands that were more up my alley.

3. The two bands I had not heard of coming into the night verified why I had not heard of them. A Night In the Box was an unoffensive mimic of the White Stripes covering Flogging Molly. They were entertaining, but lacked a couple traits (like a whole set of well written songs) that would have made them a great band. Black Audience was a interesting band, but in between much more energetic sets, they felt a little too subdued for me. I don't think it was their fault, in fact I think I would have enjoyed their folk/gospel blend with amazing vocals immensely if I had been sitting down. I will chalk my lukewarmness to the fact that I had been standing for 4 hours at that point and I needed a band to grab me by the throat, not soothe my soul.

4. To Kill a Petty Burgiouse did not blow me away or disappoint me. Their CD has had a fairly constant play in my late night rotation for the previous couple of months, and they sounded like their CD. Dark, melodic, brooding.....things that I found out are more condusive to listening to while I am in bed reading after midnight, not when I am standing at First Ave at 7:30PM. I realized one of the interesting parts of their music is their lack of crescendos. It is not that their music doesn't build to climaxes, it is just that it is not the focus of the songs like many bands in their genre do. Live, it felt like there was never any release for the tension that was building in their songs, which leaves the listener with little satisfaction. My final impression was that I still will keep the CD in play, but I don't think I will be going out of the way to see them again.

Overall, I was very impressed with the show and hope that First Ave/City Pages will continue with this event and help to promote great local music. Long Live MPLS.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sing into my mouth

Some new things that I have liked:

No Country for Old Men
There Will be Blood
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Gospel Gossip- Sing into my mouth
Holy Fuck- LP
Burial- Untrue

Cool shows coming up
Hot Chip
Daniel Johnston
First Ave Best new band showcase
Bon Iver